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Impulsivity is a factor that severely affects our mind and occurs when there is a misrule of the conscious, and the subconscious comes out without filters and makes us act negatively.

An impulsive man or woman reacts by doing or saying inappropriate things that can trigger a serious situation along with a later remorse when you realize the error.

Impulsivity depends to some extent on the temperament of the person, because there are some people whose genetic information makes them more likely to react quickly to words or actions that they consider aggravating.

However, it is possible in the course of life to attenuate the effects of inheritance and neutralize impulses that do not respond to conscious management.

This can be achieved by educating the mind not to react without first thinking about the consequences of that reaction. It is perfectly possible to achieve a control mechanism in the mind that allows us to cope with certain conflictive situations and achieve something that is not normally common in impulsive people: tolerance.

That does not mean it is clear that one must be excessively passive and endure insults or grievances from other people, but you can handle these situations better if you act with intelligence.

If you have a clear conscience that you are not generating the problem, you can focus on things calmly and overcome certain situations no matter how belligerent the person is.

The difference is that one may be able to identify and mitigate the impulsiveness while a warlike or conflictive being simply is not able to think about it.

In a mutual state altered by impulsivity, the person who is in a better position to get out well is the person who allows himself to think before acting. In this society according to its EMS (Mental Scheme of the Society) much importance is given to the force, but this force is referred to the physical body, therefore people have the idea that they should be afraid of big guys these have nothing in the brain.

That's a mistake, the guys who only stand out by using their physical strength are very vulnerable, if they do not know what impulse control is, they can not control their fears about the unknown.

So if someday you as an intelligent person meets someone impulsive of these characteristics, who does not care about the size and weight of that person, look between the eyebrows and eyebrows as if you had a third eye and talk to him. The look of confidence that a non-impulsive person transmits is very powerful, it is shocking for the person who is impulsive, and however conflictive it may be, it will go back on its intentions.

Impulsivity, like the impressionability and susceptibility represents one of the factors to eradicate from our mind, achieving this in a high percentage we will be better prepared for the development of our mental powers. By attenuating these factors you can gradually notice how you feel better every day, you can feel more and more with a sense of power over things that previously seemed uncontrollable, and this has a logical explanation.

Negative factors of human behavior such as impressionability, susceptibility and impulsivity take away energy. By changing attitude in our lives that energy we previously wasted we would accumulate it and channel it harmoniously in the directions that are of our interest in the development of our mind.

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