TSU Weekly Question - What would you do for society if you had all the resources you needed?

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This is a super fun question to answer. It's fun to just think about it.

Now if you read my post from yesterday, you know I'm capable of quite long posts. But this one, despite taking on a huge subject, is actually going to be only half as long. That's because what I would do for this world with all the resources I needed is quite simple.

That's because "all the resources I need" happens to be exactly what I now have. And what I would do is largely what I am doing.

What People Think of Service

So many people think that they need to wait for something before they can start living the life they want. They particularly think they have to wait to have more before than can start giving as much as they want.

Well if you measure what you have to offer in terms of something physically quantifiable like dollars, then it makes sense that depending on how many dollars you need for a project and how many you have or think you can raise, you would see your chances differently.

I however see the greatest thing I have to give as my time, attention, and ability to use my various skills to help others. I am the gift I bring to this world.

I believe that is really the bottom line for everyone. We are each the gift we have to give this world. But you can't just tell someone that and expect them to suddenly become satisfied with what they are able to contribute.

A person who values money more than people also values themselves based on how much money they have.

A person who values physical achievements more than relationships will value what they can give physically over what they can give with their loving presence.

And so on.

It took me many years to come to see the value I bring even when I show up empty handed. Some other time I will write about how the transition came about. But for now, to stick to answering the question of what I would do/am doing with all the resources I need to help this world.


What's Up

Though this takes many different forms, the bottom line is that I care about people living with a sense of well-being and not stressing all the time.

I grew up in a household of constant worry, and it really had a profoundly negative effect on my early life. It was a lot to overcome, and actually I kept trying to kill myself from age 9 to 21. So the biggest desire I have to help is to prevent people from having to live with that constant angst.

Now there are lots of different reasons why people experience that, and I can't solve for all of them. I have to focus on where I have skills and trust that others will rise to the challenge in those other areas. And I do trust that. I trust in the fundamental goodness of this world making itself known over time. I trust in the trajectory of consciousness.

The way I've most been able to help others has been by:

  1. Using my ability to understand complex subjects then break them down in a way just about anyone can deeply understand them.

  2. Being good at inspiring people with the power of belief in their possibility.

  3. Being skilled in working with energy, so that when people aren't able to shift at an intellectual level, they still can; and

  4. Finally, I get how this economy works, and am able to guide people to financial prosperity, whether through businesses they start, or through projects I can put together financed by others that give people a financial leg up, or through day-to-day financial choices they simply make differently.

In combination, this has given me the ability to help a lot of people change their lives in substantial ways. And now that I've finally retired I am getting into a phase where I don't have to do much else.

I mean sure, I still have lots of time I have to put into the absurdly complex demands of western life. It's nuts how much we're expected to do with paperwork, forms, banks, government agencies, healthcare, and on and on, just to get by. So there's still that. Plus keeping myself healthy and my dog happy. So I don't exactly have a completely open schedule.

But with the productive hours of my day I'm able to:

  • Lead a membership community for people of color who have a mental framework of inadequacy that is always undermining their success in anything they try to do (donation based group)
  • Lead a monthly mastermind for people interested in socially responsible crypto investing (just restarting after a summer break)
  • Manage a couple of groups where I teach on various topics related to the above
  • Participate in communities here on Steem dapps more and more, as well as regularly creating content.
  • In the works is an in-person training project for Native American youths to help them succeed on Steem
  • I'm also in the process of building an off-grid homestead, though I go back and forth on whether I want to do that here in the US or in Africa/Europe
  • If I build here, I want to also start a community greenhouse, so that people who are renting can still have access to growing their own produce through the snow season here.
  • If I build in Africa, I will start a pretty innovative and holistic permaculture farm that includes daily morning meditation, group lunches provided, an early work day's end so they have time to work on their home gardens, and a storehouse where workers can check out what they need for their home farms for free so long as it leaves as much as the farm needs of each item until restock day. (I'm summing up an elaborate plan in a single sentence, but that's the basic idea.)


I also have a few volunteer activities I'm considering, like teaching children to read or doing energywork on abused shelter residents, where I just plug into what someone else is already doing. I have to see if I can really commit to those things, given the needs of my own projects.

The Biggest Contribution Though

Apart from these projects, I simply try to cultivate a daily attitude of loving presence and connection to nature.

I try to remember that I am that within which all of this is arising, not the isolated, seemingly fragile being who is knocked about within it and doomed to eventually die. I spend as much time as I can each day between all the doing noted above simply being who I truly am.

And in the end, that is the greatest gift I am so grateful I have all the resources I need to share with this world.

How About You?

Do you feel that you can now contribute what you most wish to contribute to this world?

If yes, what form does that currently take?

If no, what would you need before your answer could be yes?

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Very inspirational approach and learning. Despite being an older adult now, I continue to focus on the things immediately around me which is something I have been reflecting more about... Maybe it is the uncertainty of my worth outwards or something else but I surely agree we can all find ways to build a better society. Unfortunately we have not been led to believe that it is productive...


Yes, there are many stakeholders in our low sense of intrinsic self-worth, benefiting from our sense that we have to constantly be producing material value (for them) to have value.

When I saw TSU for a minute it made me think of TSU. I was in for 2 years before they went out of business then steemit started.

Great post... sounds like you have a lot to contribute to the world.


LOL, I forgot about Tsu! I was on there for about a month many moons ago.
Well I think we all wind up having a lot to contribute once we've lived long enough. Just surviving requires a lot of skills. But the main thing not everyone has is time. A lot of people live in a time squeeze.


I will never forget TSU. A lot of us came over here. Someone from TSU got me involved in Steemit.
I miss it. If I ever leave Steemit I will miss it too. I guess I better work on the attachment thing. LOL

Speaking of time my great aunt in Texas will be 105 years young on November 5th and is still laughing and enjoying life. We do have have to make the best of it. Anytime i get down I give her a call.



Thank you!


Keep steeming good content

I'd fight the deep state full-time and more effectively.


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