Stuff Is Undependable

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I received yet another defective item today. Maybe it's just that I relocated a great distance, so sold my belongings at one end and had a lot to buy new at the other end. But it sure seems like companies are putting out nothing but crap these days.

This time I got a new PC, which arrived with the internal speakers either missing, not fully connected, or simply non-functioning. I don't really know. Just know that the OS said it couldn't connect to the speakers. My bluetooth speakers and headset worked fine, so I know there is a problem at the point of the internal speakers.

The customer service person actually tried troubleshooting it with me. Finally I just had to tell him that the only way to possibly do anything about it would be for me to open up the chassis and try to secure the speakers with tiny screwdrivers that I don't posses, so why not just send me a replacement?

So Many Replacements!

In the last 3 months I've replaced:

  1. Two different mattresses, and finally had to just flip the 3rd one so the smelly memory foam is on the bottom
  2. A portable back massager (which are awesome when they aren't falling apart)
  3. A chipped picture frame
  4. A coffee table that came with no hardware
  5. A hammock with a hole literally burned through the straps
  6. A folding table with missing legs
  7. This new computer with no sound

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I do recall the UPS guy coming back and forth more than this. It's been a lot of shoddy workmanship and lack of quality control.

It's gotten so that when I buy something and get it home and it actually works properly, I'm surprised and delighted.

Have you been experiencing a decrease in quality these days?

Maybe it's just that I hadn't really bought much in years before my move, so it's just been a long time since I bought things being manufactured now. How far we have fallen.


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Wow! That is a lot of returns! I have been experiencing this as well. A nice Brother printer I bought and used for a month or two only printing labels like 5 times suddenly wouldn't work. I even bought a warranty for it and the warranty people never wrote me back! My dad, who is a computer/tech person and can build computers, couldn't even figure out what was wrong with it...

Just yesterday I received the wrong book in the mail from Amazon! Haha! It's a pain to go through customer service and return things...


OMG, it's not just my bad luck then. I actually got a Brother laser printer that I'm really impressed by, so all seems pretty hit or miss. No quality control going on out there!


none at all! def don't think it's your bad luck.. industry standards have really relapsed. thankful for the things that DO work, like the new bread maker my mom got me for my birthday. but anyway, i guess i'm learning to save the boxes just in case~

Am surprised that there is quality of goods issues in America, because it prides itself on quality, if it were Africa especially Nigeria I will not be surprised because we allow substandard things to come in because they are cheap.

Don't America still want to remain a manufacturing country than a consumer country? I learnt they import a lot of things from China, which are usually substandard.


All this stuff is from China. America makes few things that are used in daily life. If you want a 747 airplane though, we're your guys.


No wonder. Maybe It is time for you guys to start producing many of what you import from China.


LOL Now you're sounding like Trump!

Actually, we need better quality producers, but we are going to have hyperinflation if we stop importing the way we do. The US Federal Reserve has been able to print a staggering amount of dollars without causing hyperinflation simply because most dollars are outside America. That's because we Americans send them abroad as we buy things.

It's a good campaign slogan to talk about buying American, but actually doing it would collapse our economy.


In my Nigeria, if we were producing many of what, we are importing we will love it because it will bring down the unemployment rate, because the rate of unemployment right now in the country is alarming.


Yes, for most countries it would be best to produce as much as they can, and export as much as they can. The US is a bizarre exception because we're the world's reserve currency AND we import so much.

this is part of the consumer world, things are not built to last anymore

but this is also connected to the video of that guy I sent you a while back. these are the endings of an era and these are true signs that things will change as well


Yeah, I can see the connection with that now that you mention it. This certainly can't be sustainable.

And I'm retired! How do people manage all this back and forth while also holding down one or two full time jobs!

well there’s your problem. buying a PC before a MAC ;) lol jk

but i fee your pain on that. quality has gone way down because we accept mediocre in all aspects of ours lives. from products to relationships. we’re ok with average.

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LOL. You know I was a mac person before I was a PC person, but I just got tired of paying more for everything.

Yes, it amazes me that this passes as acceptable and these companies stay in business. I've heard the most people rarely even return things that don't work because they think it's too much trouble.

It horrifies me to think of all the waste being created by these poorly built items that in past generations would have been made to last decades.

We cringe when we have to buy something new, and spend a ridiculous amount of time researching first. You are definitely not alone in this.


Yeah, don't even get me started about the waste. It sickens me to think how much of what I've had to return has probably wound up in landfills, practically new, just defective. The companies find that cheaper than having good quality control to begin with. No consideration for the waste.


Warranties used to be lifetime or at least five or ten years, now with even major appliances the base warranty is one year ...totally insane! We bought a really nice fridge a while back and the hinge on the door became faulty (plastic hinge on a refrigerator - seriously?) They wanted to give us a 50% off coupon to buy a new fridge rather than fix it for us. Thy gave us the run around for months on the repair and finally told us take the deal of get lost. It was several thousand dollars for the appliance and just over a year old by a few weeks. I won't ever buy from Frigidaire/Electrolux our any of their branch companies ever again because they do not back their products. I am big on boycotting companies that behave like this, but it does get hard to shop with such stringent principles


And that’s how they’ve got us. When they are all terrible, and we need a refrigerator or whatever, they win.

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Ooh... sounds like someone dropped the head of their cigarette whike making the hammock no?

Sorry for all your troubles, I have noticed quite a drop in quality of goods but it was a fewbyrars ago now. I ordered a bell tent (made in china 100% cotton canvas and all) and that was surprisingly made really really well!!!

Patience, it will all work out in the end... doesn't it always?


LOL, maybe that was it! I was wondering how they managed that burned hole. I mean what the heck?

It is a real thrill when something is actually well made, isn't it? I also got a console unit that is sturdy, solid wood, well painted, with all the parts fitting together properly and no chips or other flaws, nor toxic fumes being emitted. Amazing!


The no toxic fumes bit is excellent news! We've had to wash new clothes when we get them. My wife and our son both have gotten rashes from the dyes maybe?

Otherwise yea it feels good to find well built things, what a shame it's so rare these days.

I tend to buy items that are fragile physically in-store instead of online because of this. Those that less fragile, I would order online and I can only recall one item I had to send back. However, not too surprising as I think that manufacturing has looked for to much automation and "short-cuts" that result in sacrificed in quality.


There's too much incentive for short-term gains and not enough for long-term sustainability. The story of our world these days in so many ways.

haha where do you shop? so i never buy anything from them :P

Thankfully i have no issues with defective items but before i buy something i do a lot of research, Research about the product, reviews for both the company that sells it, that makes it and the product itself. I even check the courier provider :P

Generally speaking though a lot of older products i have that are at least 20 years old seem to be better in quality and rarely have problems. They last very long too. Newer products last way less and soon show problems and i am talking about same products like a fridge for example that just made at a different time.

The logic would be that the older stuff would break easily cause now we have advanced technology but this isn't the case. Some researches that i read show that they have mechanism inside let's say the TV or in Smartphone that have specific period of life and after that period passes then the problem will rise to the point that you must buy a newer model


LOL, I know. I should probably consider changing stores. I buy a lot from Amazon! Some of the problems were Overstock or Walmart, but yeah, I research a lot but then try to buy a less expensive item. So I get the $100 hammock instead of the $250 one. Still, I do expect it to arrive without burn holes.

It is definitely the case that older stuff is built to last longer. I now wish I had paid more to ship things I already had instead of selling then buying new. I still don't like buying secondhand stuff though. I don't want the exposure to whatever from people's houses (smoke, cats, etc.) or the consequences of how they may have mistreated something over the years.


i used to buy things on ebay, thankfully not even once i had an issue!

A funny thing to do is to find sites like kickstarter that have some unique products and buy out of there :P The quality gonna be very good cause these are startups that wanna do something different and make a name, but the drawbacks are, that it's hard to find what you want exactly and the products gonna ship after a very long time cause they need to gather a specific amount firstly :P

It's gotten so that when I buy something and get it home and it actually works properly, I'm surprised and delighted.

i feel the same way, it's tragic 😐
companies with 0 standards.. shameful!

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