in #life2 months ago

This has been a day of nothing but rushing around.

First I had another Mutual Aid organizing meeting for my city creating a neighborhood warmline, and had to do some research in advance for what I was supposed to be presenting.

Then from there I had to grab something to eat before heading out to a park walk that it turns out I had the wrong time for.

Then shopping in another city to get a specific item where the company that makes it has apparently shut down for the foreseeable future (based in Bronx, NYC). Got twice as many as I normally would and froze them in case this really is the end of that company.

Back home had to wash groceries and make dinner. Just finished a very tasty dinner and ready now for videos.

That probably doesn't sound like much, but there was a lot of emailing and message response interspersed that made it all feel about 10 minutes behind from start to finish.