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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Non-Violence Movements of Today

in life •  5 months ago 

I think you’re starting with a false premise, that putting pressure on Israel to end its human rights abuses means not doing the same with anyone else. Quite the contrary. The same people decrying Israel’s abuses often do the same over Saudi Arabia and numerous other countries. It’s more a question of why only Israel is given a pass by the most powerful nation which is usually the first to apply sanctions to try to coerce behavior.

But even with that, you know, when I was in college I was active in the divestment movement only related to apartheid in South Africa. I’m sure there were abuses going on elsewhere at the time too. I don’t think having a focus on only one government’s abuses at a time makes the activity useless. Apartheid in SA did end, after all. If we wait to attempt to change any of the world until we can change all of the world, there will be no progress whatsoever.

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