Benefits of Mental Space - Plus Steemit 1 Year Anniversary

in life •  7 months ago  (edited)

Almost a week without creating any content has been good for me.

The second half of that week took some discipline. I really wanted to hop online and start typing away. Thankfully I instantly realized that it would just distract me from my lack of clarity in areas into which it is my top priority to bring more light. It would create an illusion of progress.

One more post. X many upvotes, comments, maybe even shares. A day well accomplished. Not to just eat, sleep and let this day pass into the next.

A little of that is fine, but social media "progress," even when it comes with crypto rewards, must not substitute for actual forward movement in life.

So yeah, this week nursing a cold and only posting once was very good for me. I still don't have complete clarity, but I definitely have more clarity, and that's something.

Life Update

One cool thing to report is that yesterday I met with an online friend who's been following my work for years. She participates in all my workshops, membership programs, and so on for about 5 years now. So it was great to finally meet her in person.

At one point I started trying to share some insight with her that was at the edge of my awareness, but since I wasn't feeling well I just couldn't get my vibration high enough to really pick it up clearly. So I invited her to participate in an energy attunement session I've done hundreds of times in the last couple decades. She was eager to do so, and what ensued was what will hopefully be a life changing experience for her.

She got a lot of confirmation and clarity around some things she's been fretting or debating. (If only I could do the same for myself as quickly!)

We then drove into Austin downtown where I treated her to a "southern comfort" lunch, which was just 20 minutes from where I'm staying on a permaculture farm right now. Then it was time to say goodbye and her to head into a 3-4 hour drive back to where she lives. She actually rented a car for the day just to come see me. About 7 hours driving just to spend 4 hours hanging out with me. I feel honored and nourished by the experience.

Well, that should do it for this week. And thanks for bearing with me on how infrequently I'm stopping by your posts. I'm staying on top of upvoting comments on my posts, I think, but I'm just not spending time reading online much right now. I really need to lie fallow a bit and let some thoughts brew in that emptiness.

Maybe see you next week though.


P.S. We forgot to take a picture together!
P.P.S. Reading a friend's post just helped me realize that tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary here on Steemit! Interesting headspace to be in for the date.

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Happy anniversary on steemit @indigoocean. I completely understand what you are talking about. Even me too at some point, I will take a week of steemit to clear my head.

It really does shift one into a different mental space to be online less. Thanks for stopping by.

I agree. I think we need some downtime to clear the accumulated extra parts of thoughts and emotions. I also feel renewed mental clarity when I just chill out for a few days.

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You are welcome @indigoocean.

I agree that rest and time away clear my mind and bring renewed focus.
Congrats on your one year mark!

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Happy anniversary! So many coming in lately, wonder what exactly happened a year ago. :D

Well I hate to say it, but there was this witness named Jerry who had all these videos on Youtube teaching Steem blogging, and I think a lot of us decided to give it a try. Oh how a year changes things. Now his YT videos on steem are all hating on it!

This brought a smile to my face because I watched Jerry’s YouTube videos also and he is one of the reasons I joined Steemit also. 😊

10K upvotes in one year? Wow, very impressive!!!

Hello @indigoocean,

Congratulations 🎉 on your 1 year anniversary!
And congratulations on making 10,000 upvotes in one year! I think that’s an amazing achievement, which shows an impressive level of dedication to supporting your followers and an impressive amount of work.
Congratulations 👏👏👏


Thank you.

I read this post. It’s a nice gesture of appreciation. I hope it brings a few new people to her blog 😉 too.

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Great to see how little actions can be significant for others. Great to hear about your anniversary! Incredible to consider everything that has changed in the meantime. While price reflects something negative, I think most of us that remain can feel the development and maturity seen.

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There has been so much progress in this past year in terms of development and the ecosystem. Some unfortunate things on the management end, and overall crypto making that worse. But it's still a great community to be a part of. Really glad to have me folks like you on here.

Reading a friend's post just helped me realize that tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary here on Steemit!

I was thinking I'm late but yeeeah! Today is the deal day :)

Happy Anniversary! 🍟🍫🍬🍷🍾🍻 !


Happy Anniversary!

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The time passes super fast, tomorrow you will have a year here. Happy to meet you !!

Congratulations on your anniversary 👍🏽
Diligence And hard work always pays off 😁

Or at least passion does. I don't do hard work.



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Upvoted! Followed! ReSteemed!

Congratulations @indigoocean for such achievement. Your work will surely inspire many people to follow your footprints in this platform. Enjoy the achievement and have a great time. God bless

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Thank you. I hope so.

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Hi @indigoocean

With great affection from Venezuela I send you a big virtual hug wishing you have a great Valentine's Day, here we celebrate that day not only with the love of our lives, we also wish a happy and wonderful day to friends.

Happy anniversary in steemit that is also very important, our growth in this platform wonder. And in that sense I must thank you for your support, that you give me, only noble people of heart receive blessings in many ways. I send you many blessings.

In Venezuela we show affection with a hug, I hope you receive with great affection.

I’m so happy to know you on here. Wishing you the very best in your steem journey too, and in life in general.

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Dear @indigoocean

Almost a week without creating any content has been good for me.

Welcome back my dear friend. I absolutely understand you as I also took few days off from Steemit and such a break is sometimes necessary.

I was also wondering if you ever had a chance to read my previous reply from over week ago (regarding delegations):

Could I possibly still count on your support towards those people?

I'm fully aware that some of them already powered up or received some decent delegations and they would be just fine without any extra support, but Im also aware that this kind of initiatives are building healthy emotional engagement. It shows to those people that others out there care. Especially if I will highlight it to all of them.

Please let me know.

ps. Happy anniversary :)


I delegated to 2 of the people you suggested to confirm that I could delegate, and then was able to delegate the balance to you, which I did right then.

I understand, thank you @indigoocean

Once known (or famous) people will remember you and once a week should do 'the trick too'.

I wish you a great week and happy Valentine's Day and will follow you.

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I do hope so. And happy V Day to you as well.

Happy (belated) 1-year Steemit anniversary, @indigoocean!!

YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME, the entire time you've been here.

Deep. Genuinely engaged. Consistent. Even during your 'break,' you still produce much more than me, lol

Knowing that you are here, enriches me.

I love that you got to meet a long-time reader of yours IRL. She put in so much effort to make it happen, and I can see why she would have thought it -- you -- a great use of her time. :-)

"It would create an illusion of progress." <--- So real. Love that.

Happy Steemit anniversary 🎈

social media "progress," even when it comes with crypto rewards, must not substitute for actual forward movement in life.

Hear hear!

Some parallels with my current life. My house is a construction site since a week and a half and I’m renting a room next to my local and only restaurant.

Due to that, I have hardly been posting lately. I need all the time I can get to stay inside the right mind space / maintain enough energy to make decision and explain things in my third / fourth language ( Portuguese )

It’s a valuable experience though and I’m investing in my future.

let’s not forgot to keep breathing and enjoy the small things.

Glad to hear you’re still around and take care! :>)

OMG yes! Exactly. We have to keep that focus for what really needs all of who we are. Good luck to you as well!

Hi @indigoocean

I'm not so sure if you even celebrate Valentine's Day, but in case if you do I just wanted to wish you to have good time tonight.

Either with someone close to your heart or perhaps simply with some friends. Or simply alone watching some movie and having an icecreams :)


Thanks. It was a perfect day for sure.

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Dear @indigoocean

I love to hear that you had a great time :)

I NEED YOUR HELP :) Nothing serious really. But I still hope you can spare few minutes of your time :)

I found out about great contest where winning community can receive a year's delegation worth of 20k SP!

I realized that receiving such a delegation could help greatly to grow our community. After all I'm upvoting each valuable comment. On top of that, I'm doing my best to promote quality content published by other authors and again: I like to reward those who engage with those authors.

I know that it's probably a long shot and most likely our community won't stand a chance in this contest. But I love being the underdog! Let's give them a fair fight :)

Which brings me to my next question, I was wondering if I could count on your support? At this stage I would only need to ask you to comment this post and suggest myself for the contest. Perhaps you could also make another suggestion: @ help.venezuela (this is run by my dear friend @ achim03).

This is just a first round attempt. I hope we can make it to second round hahha :) Naturally I would appreciate if you could ask your friends to help with our little "quest" :)

Let me know what you think? Perhaps you can also share some advises and hopefully we can "do little bit of brainstorming". Would be awesome to win :)


Sure, I'll suggest you two in the comments on the post.

Congratulation on your anniversary! More power.. :)

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Happy Valentine's Day 💖 @indigoocean

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wow... that photo really makes me feel happy... good to see... which camera did you use?