Nice island, beautiful beach lots of aquatic sports to do; still the best part of the trip was been in family all together !!steemCreated with Sketch.

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In a well-planned program the family was able to finally agree to do a trip to an island which is a few hours flight from any country in Central America or South America. You can get to San Andres Island from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia. We all decided to fly into San Andres form Cartagena a Coastal city of Colombia well known for its Spaniard architecture of which most having been declared world historical heritage.


The flight from Cartagena takes a bit more than a couple of hours; once on the island you'll immediately feel the warmth and breeze from the sea nearby. It is definitively a big difference from life in the city and the big opportunity sometimes one is looking for to get away from the hustle and bustle of those big towns.


For the planed 7 days we would all be spending at the island, there were plenty of activities to do. Most of them by enjoying the sea and sunny days, others by walking around the island and by night just browsing the local shops north of the island. The important thing is that we were always going together everywhere regardless of the inconveniences of transportation of such a large group …. we were able to manage.


The island is about 25 sq.kms. and most of the hotels and restaurants are located toward the east of the island. As families were arriving and before all moving together to a house rented on the beach some stayed at a hotel nearby. Food is typically seafood accompanied by fried “platanos”, onions, rice with coconut, tomatoes and local spices …… delicious.


As you can imagine all, children, youth and grownups, could not wait to change into the usual beach attires and just start spending time wandering around enjoying the scenery, wind, sun, sea and friendship of the people of the island.

So of the many possible activities, we started by getting trained in kitesurfing; got the equipment, took classes for a few days and then some were able to do it on their own …. others not even out of the water ….

Getting ready for the classes … some basic concepts


Ready with gear in place ….


Practicing in front of the main beach area …

kite surf.jpg

One of the activities we all were able to enjoy the most was scuba diving; definitively quite an exciting activity, especially for those of us that have not done it ever before.

Attending the theoretical lesson from instructors and getting ready to dive into the pool for practice


Training classes with instructors; all class attendees signaling that they understand all theory and practice topics . …


Real scuba diving in the open sea ..plenty of little fish crossing right in front of our faces ….


At the beach, some were able to ride the jet-skis,


…. while others stayed relaxing under the tents enjoying the sun and sand on our faces…!!!


Some days there was almost no wind or very little at best; as such we went exploring the island by walking the area and just enjoying the scenery. Plenty of places where to eat and from which one can admire the immensity of the ocean.


In one of the “explorations“ we run into the time when there were some people feeding small stingrays; very small so they posed no threat. People were able to slightly touch them and if not careful the sting rays would suck on your fingers … just the awkward feeling.


…. and at night we would all go out for walks in town to enjoy some good food, slight breeze and window-nosing ..


For all in the family it was a great time; I think everybody forgot about the usual day to day dynamics and normal life one has. No school, work, runs to the bank, getting food from the store, drive the kids around, etc. etc. Have to start planning the next trip again. More family that could not make it, are pushing hard to get the planning stages ongoing; so we are all excited about the next one. Will see.


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Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!

Wow, this article is AMAIZING, I wish I could be there to enjoy it with you, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us!


thank you glad you enjoy it...rgds.

my problem going to third world countries? Bartonella, Babesia, Lyme Disease. All from spider bites, mosquitoes sand fleas, mites, bed bugs. If you feel lousy after your return I bet you have a co-infection. Nice pics though!


reminds me of Putin ...don't worry, be happy . .... 😜 ....

Txs. for the note.

Txs. & Rgds.



Lol, good one. Right on, don´t worry be happy.


jejejejeje glad to get your note...txs.

Looks nice

What a beautiful family! Looks like you all had a great time, and like you said, because you were enjoying it together made it that much more amazing. Love the pictures and imagining a baby sting ray trying to suckle your finger is hilariously cute, they are adorable while semi transparent. Here's to more trips with the family! Cheers!

Looks like paradise. I dove my first time in Curaçao and it was amazing!!! Thanks fir sharing☺️

Maybe one day...looks like alot of fun.


yes it really does....enjoy

Looks like a wonderful trip :D I did Costa Rica, but was on the Pacific side. I imagine the two to be quite different!


have not seen the pacific ... heard water is clear ...and some wind .... perhaps not too much different ..

Great post @indepthstory, thanks for sharing and looks like lots of fun. I am glad you are really careful with the little stingrays and not harm them. Enjoy your day.


many txs for the note .... enjoy

OMG! i love beaches.. recently i went to Kodaikanal.. and i loved the beaches there a lot.. <3


glad you liked it rgds.

Very nice pictures!! Interesting trip!!! So excited when you traveling! Every trip is unique!!!


yes ..traveling and having instant communication with family and friends does make this world "flat" ... rgds.


its was great travel , i like your story , Keep Steem On !


thank you very much.


Looks like you know how to enjoy 😊, have fun and enjoy life

its amazing place, hope i can go there sometime . The sea was so great. love it

Sounds like a great trip! Was it an expensive place?

Wow that was a lot of family members! I've always wanted to try kitesurfing.. hopefully I'll get to do it in the near future! must be awesome having such a large family.

Looks like a ton of fun! What was the coolest thing you saw underwater?

woww the pics are nice!! haha you needa be brave to try all the water sports XD Happy to see you enjoy yourselves and wish I can go there one day!

What tremendous vacation. I do enjoy beach too, but family not that much, just my owner and his wife (and just a little bit). However, you'll have to agree with me (or I kill you), sand is hard to get off, we have to lick to much and then throw up in the dinner room carpet although I like to do this evil deeds.

Hey, great family pics. Beach is always a good place to travel with family. Good to see you so happy!

Cartegna is on my list! Looks like an awesome trip!

Awesome article, looks and sounds like it was a wonderful trip


yes indeed thank you for the note.


South/Central America is next on my travel list. I've only been to Mexico and Dominican Republic as of yet.

I've always wanted to try kite-surfing. The people who do it seem extremely fit. Was it difficult?


No, not difficult; 2 to 3 or so 4 hrs classes, 3 days practice on the 5th you will liftoff ..... it is a lot of fun !!


Ah, this trip looks so thrilling! It is even more exciting that you were able to get to experience it with the whole crew. I've always been a thrill seeker, and find myself participating in all of the exciting activities I'm seeing here, also. Love and positivity to you!


many txs I do sure appreciate your comments. Best rgds.

Lovely - thanks for sharing.

Come to Brazil, you will love!

My trips to Central America have been shore excursions from cruises. Panama was interesting and Belize was beautiful, but the warnings about touching insects and swimming sure made me worry.

I enjoyed the stringray encounter, but it probably isn't the same when you go with 100s of people and the stringrays are just looking to get their fill of squid as oppose to just seeing them swim around.

Having received my SCUBA certification, I am always leery of those 2 hour lessons they give to tourists.

Anyway, looks like you had a great time.

beautiful place and nice family trip

This is such an awesome trip! My family loves the beach and snorkeling. I have my SCUBA certification and my kids are wanting to get theirs in the next few months before we go to Hawaii!!

Where are you planning on going next?

Looks incredible!

Very nice post!

Looks great ! I have been in many places but haven't been there yet. I'm looking forward to :)

Great post! Loved reading about your trip to San Andreas!


thats a amazing blog and a amazing posts with that love of nature and its beautiful views

Looks like a fun experience, thanks for sharing!

Seems like a really nice place to go vacation.. I'll be looking forward to going there one day.

Look like paradise and wonderful beaches. I like your story. Hope i can go there sometime


just place it in wish list and it will happen best of good luck !!!

It's beautiful. Looks like you come from a good family.


not sure what that means still we are all together yezzzzz !!!

Impressive, definitely keeping you on a follow list

Lovely place to visit @indepthstory


yeap and with fam & friends excellent ...


the sexy girl for me is friend excellent.


jejejejejeje ... point at please ....

Looks like a place i would like to visit, great story and i would love to try learning how to surf

What an adventure to travel with the whole family, let alone the accomplishment of managing it all, and having fun too!


yes it really is .... hard to imagine how much work it took to convince ALL . ..just imagine the excuses .... work, study, too old, don't like water...etc etc etc but it was managed.......rgds & txs...

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WOW! wonderful story and a wonderful place . I would love to go there just from your description. I love to smell the ocean and hear the roar of the sea. And the sounds of happy people having fun and enjoying themselves.

I am thinking of visiting South America in a few years. How much Spanish should I learn as a tourist going there for a few weeks?


I think not much as in most SA countries people kind are able to get by on some English themselves; in Brazil it is Portuguese so that is another one. Good luck and enjoy.

fun time with family!! very nice....


yes .. already pushing to go out for another one !!!! rgds.

These are great pictures, experience and looks like fun!


hey many txs for the note ...... yes it was a lot of fun ..have started marketing among all in the family again to do another so ALL start saving NOW....jejejejejjee don't like but they will come around ..... rgds

Wonderful pictures! I really want to try scuba diving someday :)

Wonderful family, you have there and looks like a really wonderful holiday. Great photos and activities!


txs I do really appreciate your comment. Rgds.

Excellent Article! Nice photos and well written. Keep up the good work