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Wisdom is the ability to imagine and act using experience, knowledge, understanding, commonsense, and acute observation.
In simple words, it is the ability of judging appropriately in stuffs relating to life;
Soundness of judgements in the choice of means and ends; sometimes less strictly, sound sense specially in practical affairs.

Wisdom leads a person to overcome feeling of helplessness, powerlessness, anger or aggressive behaviour by misunderstanding of external elements and internal acknowledgement.
 It leads to a change from the experience of meaningless to meaningful goals, prospects for copying with critical life events and to engage constructivey with complex life problems.
 A wise person is endowed with good bodily conduct, good verbal conduct, and good mental conduct.
 A wise person does actions that are unpleasant to do but give good results, and doesn’t do actions that are pleasant to do but give bad results.
 A wise person is calm, free from hatred and fear.
 A wise person carefully discriminates between right and wrong, good and bad, ethical and unethical.
 A wise person understands both good and bad as they really are.

"We Should believe in ourself.
We should believe in all that we have within ourselfs because the magic is within us.
Believe in a blessed life as life is beautiful, and therefore, experience it and smile with all that you have to give it to life"

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