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I have a fascination with this word.


What does it mean?

I have seen a hundred explanations of this word and for some reason, people don’t get the word right.

I know, I know, there are dictionaries and people with smartphones have easy access to it but still, you know what? People Procrastinate and never really try to understand it’s meaning.

Procrastination: The action of delaying or postponing something.

That’s the bookish explanation, just plain and simple.

But let me explain it a bit with more words and you know what? More word leads to more clearer explanation and the clearer you understand the better to avoid procrastination.

Over the years I have been trying to fully understand procrastination and why we do it. And with all the research I have formed my own explanation, a definition of the word.

Meaning of Procrastination in my words:

The habit of ignoring the most important work and doing something that has the least priority in your to-do list, especially watching tv series, scrolling on Facebook and texting someone who will never reply to your texts, probably will leave you heartbroken, depressed and sad.

While you have a pile of clothes to be folded, a room to be cleaned, a stinking body to bathe, rejuvenate and a hundred other tasks that might earn you money, keep you well fed, fat, healthy and prevent you from getting bankrupt and maybe help save you from getting homeless.


… there’s always a but that will ruin your life that prevents you from getting true love and in this case gets you carried away from your actual task and eats your time away because you cannot live yet another moment wondering if Elena Gilbert from the Vampire Diaries will come back to life in the last and final season and if she comes back to life then will she choose Stefan Salvatore or Damon Salvatore?

Oh God, this is too much suspense and it is killing me.

Hahaha…. Well yes, I use to watch Vampire Diaries back when I was in college. OMG, I feel so old now but for some reason the cast of the show never gets old. Ah, yes, they all are Vampires and vampires never get old.

Hmmm… Wait… what was I writing? What was I trying to explain?

I totally forgot about it and I went with the flow and started a discussion about the tv show.

You know what? This is what procrastination is.

That’s all folks if you have read this post till the end then do comment down below because I actually want to know how many people read and understand my posts.


Imran Soudagar.

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