To, The Curious People of this world

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How should I start this article?


With a quote from a famous personality? Or with an example from my life?

Let me start it with a quote and then give an example but not from my life but from the life of people whom we have never seen but get inspired by them.

“There are people and there are people who are curious.”

People are just people, the laymen. The everyday men and women whom you encounter daily, they can also be called as the Society.

The curious people are not just people, they are different. Different in thinking, dressing, they are different in the way they talk and handle matters. They ponder, they investigate and they tamper with things just to see how they work and what they are made up of.

They are the ones who create a mess with everything they find.

I am one such person. I am a curious soul.

I have tampered with things, I have broken electronic equipment just to see how they work. I have been in trouble just because I couldn’t help but ask awkward-sounding questions. And also I have got into trouble when I failed to provide answers that are verbatim from the prescribed textbooks of my school or college. I don’t believe in rote learning I believe in understanding. I believe in explanations with the help of facts, figures, statistics, and scientific proof.

I know you too are such a person. I know you are different.

I know that you are eager to gain knowledge.

I know you are waiting for your chance to be the next biggest thing in this world.

I know you have strong opinions.

I know you are a writer, poet, artist, engineer, doctor, scientist, entrepreneur and you are the person who runs this world. You are the person who invents things, who innovates and implements his ideas so that the Society can sleep in peace and security.

Lastly a quote by the greatest curious soul who ever lived.

“I have no special talents. I am passionately curious.”
~Albert Einstein.

Writer, Poet, Trainer, and a Curious Soul.

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