The African Child

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Africans lay a very strong emphasis on family, ethics and responsibility. Each family is a unit with a very strong inter-personal bond. Everyone has to work together as a group, everyone has to share responsibilities as a member of the group and most importantly elders have to be accorded great respect.

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The African child, from when he is born, is taught these principles. First, he must learn to be hardworking and to put the family first in everything. He must learn to respect elders even when they are wrong. He must also learn to take responsibility for both his actions and the actions of those who one way or the other are under his control.

image[source]( children

The African child learns at a tender age the ways of a hero. He learns greatness at the feet of elders. He learns the value of humility and persistence. He learns to sacrifice for others. He learns to be responsible for his actions, direct or indirect. Most importantly, he learns to respect everyone, regardless of age.

As the African child grows, he realizes that though some of what he has learnt from the elders might not conform with modern standards, they can be adopted one way or the other. He learns that no man is an island of knowledge and one has to seek knowledge from both the young and the old. He learns that family is not only those we have blood ties with, family is everyone with whom we share common goals and work towards achieving this goal together. Most importantly, the African child learns the the three basic tenets of African life.
"Hustle, Loyalty, Respect"


The African child then begins to "hustle" harder. He realizes that he owes himself greatness, moreso, because others depend on him. The implications of his own actions would affect the lives of others.

The African child is a born leader. He has learnt through drill, the proper ways of a leader. Leadership skills have been drilled into him through years of tough discipline. This enables him to stand out anywhere he goes.


His "rugged" nature ensures that he doesn't give up on any task. He keeps pressing forward. He works day and night like a success-machine.

An African child is the envy of all. I am proud to be an African. Everywhere I go, I shall represent. I shall not forget the qualities that make me African. I shall forever respect those who deserve respect. I shall not forget the three basic tenets
"Hustle, Loyalty and Respect"


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This is so true. It's really painful to see the ones that refuse to change and still hold on to tribalism, nepotism and laziness.

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