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It was known that you were a man full of dreams and nothing but dreams. Almost every person you know refers you as the man who drowned in the illusion of his dreams. No one has ever believed that you can make your dreams come true and that dreaming is not the only thing you can do.

You wanted to show them that it isn't foolish to dream the impossible. You wanted to prove that you are more than just a dreamer, that someday you'll be one of the greats whom will be remembered for his ingenious ideas.

It was your goal to prove it to them but you can't because you always fail and you have always failed on so many levels. You don't really want to give up on what you started but you can't lie that you're not getting tired. After all every steps and experiments you have tested, you can't seem to make things work out. You're losing your composure and you are starting to doubt yourself.

Here you are in the dark, staring blankly at the stars above. You did not even notice that you tears started to fall. You were asking yourself, "What if I believed them when they said that it was foolish to follow my dreams? Where would I be now? Will I be crying under this bed of stars?"

To your surprise, you saw a shooting star. It was so quick that it has curved a smile on your face. You were amazed that they really are true. Shooting stars do really exist and you just so one! The experience of having the chance to witness a shooting star kept repeating and repeating on your mind. Your heart pounded so loud that you remembered one thing.

Dreams are imaginable creative ideas and they are not real. However, all the things we have today which seemed impossible to achieve were once dreams right? It was it! You were very sure. If someone out there made it possible, there's no way you can't do it. You only need to find the perfect formula and to always believe in what you believed in the first place.

I was starting to feel sad because I thought you will give up already on me. I thought you'll abandon me and choose to live like others. It was all thanks to that shooting star. He's an angel and I'll be looking forward until the day you can reach me and make me possible, your dream.

"The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell." - Roy T. Bennett

Our world is full of dreamers who envisions great things and wants to build a future of achievements and success. There are many who stay true to their dreams and there are some who finds other purpose on their course of reaching the goal.

The fact that our world is full of hopes and dreams, it is not ordinary that it has many new dreamers. People of such are an easy prey to people who discourage anyone because of insecurity. You'll find other people dragging down somebody because they believe it's foolish. While on the other hand, it's rare to witness someone still manage to get up after a series of failure.
These people are the once who have greatly envisioned what they want in life. They found a purpose, a light that no one else has. They believe in what everything they can do and everything they could become. Perseverance is the key.

Do you believe that the one who falls and gets up is much stronger than the one who never fell? When it's getting dark and you can't seem to find light, what would be your advice to stay on track?

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