Motivation for us in facing our old life

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Motivation early in the morning ......


  1. The rest of this age is short,
    "while tastes ..... eat it"
    "while worthy ... use it"
    "While the benefits ...... buy it"
    "While we can........ share it"
    "Greetings .... do it"

Enjoy the life as it is.

  1. First we try, to have. Now is the time to let go, the treasure, the throne, the children, the wives will all return to Him. Happy lies in sincerity.
  2. The day passes, age is reduced, do good because we do not know when will be called
  3. Life is very short in an instant we are getting old and must enter the tomb
  4. Do not look into top will always be less, look down can feel enough and thankful for what it is would be happy. Be grateful...
  5. The best is to do good, help others, Do not hurt, train yourself with good thinking, so healthy inner birth.
  6. Parental love is no limit. Be aware, if the child is sick, parents cut, if the sick child's parents just look and ask. Children use the old man's money as a necessity, but parents wearing child money must be awkward. Enough yourself do not expect giving of the child.
  7. The old man's home is the child's home, but the child's home is not the home of the parents. Realize it.
  8. Parents always pray for children, but children rarely pray for parents. So give us our grave with a lot of charity, do not rely on the prayer of children.
  9. Goodness and evil as a test and will not end until we die. Respond with gratitude and patience.
    Mother: If children are married and leave us, it is our turn to think again ourselves. . .

Cogitating ahead of old...
When we are old...

Spend time with your partner because one of us will go first and that is alive just able to save the beautiful memories.
When we are old...
It will the time to walk to the door is difficult, while still capable, walk to many places to remember us about the greatness of God, to admire the beauty of his creation.

When we are old ...
Do not trouble yourself think of children in excess. They will be able to work on their own. Just set your debts paid off before they die so they do not bear the burden you leave behind.
When we are old ...
Spend time with old colleagues because the opportunity to be together will decrease over time.
When we are old...
Accept the disease as it is. Because All the same, rich or poor will go through the same process, namely: born baby, childhood, adult, old, sick & dead
Advice words ...
"Looking for friend like a mirror, we are happy, he is happy, we are sad, he issad...
Happy to enjoy the Old Age with Happiness...

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