There are successes that mistreat you and defeats that lift you up.

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Society has arranged things so you never have the problem of your own potential. And all the unhappiness comes from the fact that you are not yourself. Just be yourself and all the misery and all the competition with the others disappear; you do not care that others have more, that you are not the one who has more.If you want the grass to be greener, there's no point in looking at your neighbor's yard. It's so easy for grass to be greener! Man must be rooted in his own potential energy, no matter what it is. The world will be so pleased that this will simply seem incredible to you.


All the troubles I have had, all my annoyances and obstacles have strengthened me ... You may not realize when it happens to you, but turning your back may be the best thing for you.


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Good advice and I need to look into esteem I think.

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