They both were afraid. Regarding each other from afar

in life •  2 years ago 

He was enamored by her smile, her laugh as it last notes hung through the air. She was skipping the cobblestones, swaying to the music. He was reading a book, while watching her admiringly. And then it started. They collided they began. And from being strangers regarding each other from a afar, their 2 stars collided. They collided in a blaze of flammable gases and uncontrollable wildfire. They forged their memories on steel, and their love was free. Their stars collided, setting the whole world ablaze. Yet, some fires are meant to be put out. And as they pulled apart, their ashes settles to the ground. And as I watched the whole thing unfold, I wonder. How easy it is to form connections with strangers, then become more than strangers, and the back to it. In every single relationship, whether it's friendship or love, it's saddening to see us falling apart, drifting away .

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