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So lately, everytime when I drive home from work, on the weekdays, I always feel somehow sleepy and tired. Well depending on how my day was, I always get the droppy eye sensation(where you feel your eyelids are so heavy).

Almost everytime I drive home from work, my eyes are just ready to close, while Im on the wheel. Somehow if I am to direct to go elsewhere after work, I feel fine, but whenever I go back home, I just feel like dozing off like what the hell man!? A few times it happens when I was just say 1000 metres from home, i dozed off, twice(on different days). My car was already swerving to the right, thanked god on all occasions I realized just in time.

Another time, I was on the city road, I dozed off at the traffic light, bless the people of my home town for not honking at me(or any car for that matter when issues occur). Of course when I get really tired, I stop and park on the side (don't forget to wind your windows down) and take a short nap.

So I throught why not blast my music outloud since my car has Bluetooth capabilities and I can just turn my YouTube on. So I did and it helped. My favourite band may be Blink 182 but I need more kick so i listened to :

System of a down - chop suey, toxcity, byob, lonely day, hypnotize.

Daron Malankian Scars on broadway - lives

Papa roach - infest, last resort, between angels and insects.

NWA - straight outta compton, F*ck the police

From time to time when I don't feel like blasting music, I listen to ghost stories on YouTube.

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