Mortal feedback: The vicious circle of complaining.

in life •  3 months ago
     Expressing all our frustration about the current situation in Venezuela has become a common practice. If it is not about our own complaints, we will hear the complaints of the people with whom we interact during our daily activities. Some consider this a kind of collective catharsis. Many feel the need to express with words everything that afflicts them, perhaps with the hope of feeling better when venting, or not finding a better way to deal with what we are living.


     Does anyone really feel better about listening and repeating what we all already know every day? Hearing the laments of our fellow men and expressing our own has definitely allowed us to identify and relate with each other in a special way. In a strongly polarized country, the crisis that we all share has given us something in common even with those who think differently, although a discussion about the origin of our problems is always possible in those cases.


     But the question posed at the beginning of the previous paragraph remains. Do we get any real benefit by expressing our discontent and repeating every day how bad our situation is? Does that make someone feel better? I have heard and read that people who experience prolonged negative emotions can suffer repercussions on their health, emotions that somatize and become symptoms and even diseases.

     No doubt silencing what we feel, that is, repressing those feelings during difficult situations can also be problematic, but surrendering to negativity completely and abandoning all hope is not the best alternative. That's why I find the words I hear every day, wherever I go, disconcerting and counterproductive. Some may argue that their words are a relief only and that deep down they have hope but I do not agree. Words will always be a reflection of what is in our mind and heart.

But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. (Mathew 15:18)


     If you always repeat that things are getting worse every day, if you continue to say that there is no solution, that message that comes out of your heart in the form of words comes back to your being through your ears and produces a feedback effect similar to what happens when a microphone gets close to a speaker. The sound coming from the speaker (your words) enters the microphone (your ears), this signal is amplified (inside your heart) and comes out again by the speaker but in greater magnitude, so that the microphone captures it again and again it is amplified. This process is repeated quickly generating an unpleasant and disturbing sound that appears until the microphone is directed in another direction.


     I believe that the same thing can happen eventually to all those who allow in their lives the vicious circle of complaining and hearing complaints day after day. What can we do then to replace the cycle of complaining and hearing complaints constantly? I have an idea that I will share in my next post, something crazy actually.

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