What will you do when you are caught cheating on you?

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The cheating is betrayal of the love and promise of faithfulness. in a romance perspective it is a big mistake. Cheating, sometimes occurs not because of intentions but other factors, such as dissatisfaction with a partner (lover) and so on.

Whatever the reason, infidelity is a big mistake in love that has been nurtured, so the first thing I have to do when I am caught cheating on another woman is to admit mistakes and apologize to my lover. And then regret the mistake I have made, and promise not to repeat it again.

In this case, women find it difficult to forgive us, because the woman has a very subtle and gentle feeling. When he is hurt, it will be very difficult to forget and especially forgive us.

As a real man, I have to admit mistakes and try to repair a broken relationship because of the cheating I did.


Make like my main man shaggy and say “it wasn’t me”