Why Argentina, and South America need Voice?

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Why Argentina, and South America need Voice?


First of all, let me introduce myself in few words. I am Ignacio Arreses, 29 years old, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a Bachelor as Spanish language teacher from University of Buenos Aires. As you can read English is not my native language, I am trying my best. I am also an Ashtanga Yoga teacher and a seeker of the Truth, inside us and outside.I am a big supporter arround the idea that to change something first we have to change ourselves. Literature teached me so many values around human mind and emotions. Yoga teaches me everiday how to overcome my own ego and seek my inner truth. In my trip to the truth I read a lot of amazing people as Mahatma Gandhi, Walth Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Leon Tolstoy and more. My background maybe sounds romantic but, I also have my feets in the floor.


As a language and literature teacher I am always trying to wake up the minds of my students. In their homes, parents consuming empty Tv shows, fake news, engaging with bots trough social media platforms, and wasting time in centralized platforms that consume your energy, life and attention without giving you nothing. It is my mission to alert my students, friends, and family to be more critics around all the stuff that people is consuming. In this way our writer skills can help us to achieve a new level of conciousnes around our own ideas and what is going in our society.


As Dan Larimer and Brendan uses to say, the bigger debates of ideas, are happening in social media platforms. So we can think them like the old Agora in the Greek society. We cannot speak in an agora, where we can´t see or listen to other arguments. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Goberments, Media agendas etc , built an Agora where you see and listen what they want to show. In this way, the agora of social debate needs to be rebuild.  

Trust is Broken in Argentina and South America

Trust in gobermentes, politicians, and banks is broken in Argentina, also in South America. In 2001 for example, in Argentina Banks just stole the money of the people from their acocunts, arguing that they don’t have enough money to give them all their money. A lot of people die for this, others in bankrupt comite suicide, families were destroyed, and politicians making their bussines. In that moment people of all Argentina say about politicians: “They all have to go out (Que se vayan todos.) .” It was a fight flag in every corner and everyone was shouting this in the streets. But they did´nt go out. 


And nowadays they are the same that were in this moment in the goberment. And the story is repeating again like a loop. The problem here is that people is not unite and cannot express freely and connect with other real people. In twitter, they have Bots, in Facebook, they have bots. The power and mass media put the Agenda in people mind, and always we are discussing and making debates around nonsense topics. 
Just to tell, inflation in 2019 was 50%. All we know that inflation is the tax that politicians and banks put to stole the money of the workers and people.
I know that in South America is suffering the same problems than Argentina, and people needs a platform to manifest itself in a real way. No mass media agenda. No politicians agenda. No bank agenda. We need  the People Agenda. And Voice would make this a reality in the future.
And my last words is just to say huge thanks to Justin Buck to bring me the possibility to make my first post in VOICE trough his own account. This kind of stuff we really see in amazing community like EOS. 
Really appreciate the Voice team, Block One team and everyone here to make this dream a reality. We will change the Social Media World with Voice. 

With love and all yours.

Ignacio Arreses.-

I am @iarreses in Twitter.

First image is mine. Second and third is from www.unplash.com , free images in HD. And last one is from https://redpatrioticargentina.blogspot.com/2013/03/el-sistema-necesita-de-la-division.html.

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