On Piercings and Tattoos for Men

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Traditionally it has been the case that tattoos and piercings were large concessions to make in the business world – in particular those gentlemen possessing such visible body art or piercings being forced to cover them up or remove them in order to interview for nearly any position – from McDonald's to professional trades and occupations.

Many attitudes are changing with regards to these particular stylistic choices – although in many cases it is best to temper modern liberalism with a dose of classy conservatism to ensure best results!

On Tattoos and Body Art

Tattoos have gradually evolved from rough inks and scars on primitive man to being a relatively commonplace body modification in the Western world and abroad.

While tattoos are an innately personal choice when it comes to actual designs and coloration – there are a few basic things to keep in mind before you undertake what is a permanent alteration of your skin.

Tattoos on men should bear significance to their own life, in a profound way that can be expected to be relevant in old age as well as in youth. Scrawling band names or cartoon characters on your body may seem interesting and somewhat comedic in one's youth – the question remains as to whether this art will be relevant or attractive in later years.

One of the most important items to consider before getting a tattoo is one of placement. Facial tattoos, as well as tattoos on the hands or forearm are extremely risk – being highly difficult to conceal if one must interview for a professional position or even an entry level job.

Many employers are conservative in nature and visible tattoos are unlikely to gain you points with the great majority of prospective interviewers.

Tattoos are a wonderful method of self-expression and an opportunity to have fantastic art applied to the human body. Body art can also be a very painful experience filled with regret as well, if the tattoo is ill-considered or performed by mediocre artists. Sober thoughts and a skilled hand will make for a piece that truly lasts forever!

On Piercings

The most common piercing for men is the earring, worn in either singles or pairs – traditionally in silver or gold hoops. There is very little concern for men who choose to wear an earring with regards to social stigma – the earring has become commonplace both in the casual and professional realms.

More extreme types of piercings, such as ear plugs and nose/lip/eyebrow piercings are still somewhat taboo in the professional world outside of more liberal professions in art, design, music, and film.

With this in mind, it is important to consider the risks of particular piercings – one can be sure that there is an enormous variety of facial and body piercings to choose from.

Piercings and many body modifications benefit from the ability to simply remove the jewelry should one need to perform an interview or are required to remove the jewelry while on the clock – an obvious exception being ear stretching which is not easily concealed for obvious reasons.

While this may add to the appeal and convenience of getting a piercing with regards to employment and hiring practices – piercings are still a major decision to undertake with many potential health risks for those who do not shop around for professional and sanitary services and do not follow up their piercing with regular cleaning practices.


Body art and modification is an excellent way for men to express themselves, should they choose to. That being said – a complete body au naturelle is also a wonderful turn on to many women, in many ways a work of art that does not require any additional tweaking!

Piercings and tattoos are highly personal choices and should, by most common sense, remain that way – however, always keep in mind that employers and your peers are not always as open-minded or liberal as you might be!

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