The "Code to Trade" Interview Video 7.

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"Finishing off"

Good Day Steemit,

This is the seventh and final video introducing...................

The "Code to Trade"

The below video is my wife interviewing me with questions, to assist anyone who may be interested in learning to become either a part-time or full-time..........

"Day Trader"

After the videos, anyone who may be interested in mastering "Day Trading", using.......

The "Code to Trade"

Please go to my Facebook Page:

Send me a message, and I look forward to talking with you then.

Now that you have finished watching these series of videos, if there are any questions that you felt you would have liked to have listened to answers to, please do not hesitate to let me know, and I will be only too pleased to answer them for you.

Best Regards

The "Code to Trade"

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