The Skinny Boys... Weightless Album...

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Does anyone here remember a rap group called, "The Skinny Boys" from the mid 80's??

They were influenced by The Fat Boys, and the group consisted of 2 brothers, Shockin' Shawn and Superman Jay and their cousin The Human Jock Box.

They were not a famous as The Fat Boys, but they were just as good.. IMO..
They did make 3 albums throughout their career though..

Ha, you know that you are skinny when 1 little kid outweighs 3 young men(on the album cover "Weightless")

And to top it off.... They kepted the music clean without all the cursing.. AWESOME!!!!

[Video Source]


[Video Source]


[Video Source]

Feed Us The Beat

This song has a catchy sound....
[Video Source]


[Video Source]

Skinny Boys

[Video Source]


[Video Source]

Get Funky

[Video Source]


[Video Source]

Rip The Cut

Now these songs are not in order, but I did save my favorite for last!!!
Just wish it was a little longer..

All songs on this album are pretty darn good... IMO..

I Hope You All Enjoyed...

Thanks For Viewing!!

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