Some Of The Pioneer Village At Noccalula Falls..

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As I approached the Pioneer Home, I caught a sense of how people lived back then, in that day of time..

Kind of like the show, Little House On The Prairie.

Sorry, but just about all of these homes had bars around the doorframe, so I couldn't go inside and get real good photos of the homestead village... My apologies..

This looked like a small bedroom with a fireplace in it, with a set of stairs leading up(probably to another bedroom).
Didn't seem like much privacy like we have nowadays, right??


This next photo was probably the living room with a huge fireplace in it...
If you're looking at the home in the first photo, this is the room on the right.

Then looking through the breezeway between the two rooms of the home(1st photo), you can see a structure in the background..
This was the Cook House/ kitchen, where all the chowing down took place.. LOL..


I love historical photos like these..


So after a good meal, there was the best seat (outside of the house).

It was called the Out House… HAHA


Well back then, there was no toilet paper so I'm not sure how great that seat was... OUCH..


As I opened the door, I was doing it ever so slowly. I didn't want any flies or yellow jackets come flying out at me... Ha

The seating arrangement looked like it was pretty rough... You had to be extra careful and try not to get a splinter in you, because I'm sure they didn't have tweezers back then!!

I Hope You All Enjoy..

Thanks For Viewing!!!

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