My Detox Concoction Several Years Back...

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In my previous post, I had mentioned that I did a detox on my body several years ago..
Here are the supplements that I was taking..


Lifiber by Unicity which has all natural ingredients, but too many to name. However, you are more than welcome to look it up.. LOL...

Look,, there is a little ant hanging on to the bottom of the container...

I know, taking this with the other supplement that I'm about to layout, will make you go to the restroom... That may be a little TMI, but it's the truth,,, haha..


I'm not sure what is in this Aloe Vero, but it definitely works...:-))


These 2 supplements stacked together, pack a powerful punch!!!

Oh, and the containers got a new face lift.. LOL... Newer labels from the previous years...

Ha, the ant is still there.. Maybe it wants to detox??? J/K

Now, the Lifiber is in a powder form so, it needs to be mixed with your choice of juice or water(I recommend juice).
My choice of juice was Cran-Grape by OceanSpray..


I tried it, mixed with water, cranberry juice and orange juice. It just wasn't that good to me..

When you mix this, it is pretty thick so you have to keep adding juice to it, till it's all gone... Unless you want to waste it, but that is entirely up too you!!

I Hope This Was Informative...

Thanks For Viewing!!

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