Lee's Black Smith Shop At Noccalula Falls..

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A blacksmith is someone that makes objects out of iron and steel by forging them to a particular shape, once heated to soften the metal at a certain temperature.

Objects such as tools, sculptures, rails, gates, and even weapons can be fabricated by using this technique(blacksmithing)…

I'm sure that if you can imagine it, it can be shaped(well maybe to a certain extent).

To form the object, you will need a few tools like a ball ping hammer or a sledge, and a anvil to hammer the piece into its shape.

A vise, to tighten the piece down and secure it better.

You will also need a variety of Tongs and Pliers to grab a hold of the very hot metal..

Here are some hand saws, drill bits, a couple of buckets and some open face wrenches just laying around ever so neatly.. LOL

Ha, once again on the outside looking in!! There is a drill press on each side of this doorway..

[Video Source]

And always remember to wear Protective Wear such as safety glasses or a face shield, pants, long sleeve shirts, steel toe boots, or whatever you want to wear. Just remember this stuff is hot and it could accidentally get on your skin or face somehow.

I Hope You All Enjoyed..

Thanks For Viewing!!

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