A Surprising Encounter When I Returned Home, From Work Today!!!

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When I get home from work today, I go to our grape arbor to finish modifying it, and one of the chickens was making the sound as if it were laying an egg, but it sounded a little different.

I go to see if they have plenty of food and water. Well,, they were out, so I go inside and fill up a big bowl of fresh water and grab some feed on the way out, of the garage.

As I'm approaching the gate handle, I look down to my right and this is what I see....

20180524_133228 (2).jpg

Well this photo was taken a little later... The snake was actually on some wood brush at first(in the 3rd photo)..
Brush pile in the background in this photo...

20180524_133202 (2).jpg

These first 2 photos were taken, after I built up the courage to grab the snake by it's tail as it was trying to get away(in 3rd photo)... LOL... As scared of snakes as I am, I had a pair today,, Haha..

I was hoping that, this was a chicken snake(considering it was by the chicken pen)..

After I pulled on the snake for a bit, it finally gave up the tug-of-war battle and it curled, it's body back toward me and got a little to close for comfort, so I let go.
That's when the snake stuck it's head out between the gate and a piece of wood(1st and 2nd photo)..

20180524_133125 (2).jpg

This snake was pretty strong.. Almost like, pure muscle!!!

20180524_134104 (2).jpg

20180524_134037 (2).jpg

20180524_133719 (2).jpg

This snake measured out, around 6 feet long...

20180524_133732 (2).jpg

I guess, if we listen close enough to our pets, or farm animals, they can somehow communicate with us.. We just have to listen!!!

Thanks For Viewing!!!

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