Truly Intelligent Housing

in #life3 years ago

The materials we use in our everyday lives are crucial to the future of our beautiful planet Earth. Concrete is incredibly energy intensive to manufacture and seriously overused in our modern building techniques. Today I share a wonderful project built in the high Apls, dealing with high snow loads - intense cold and occasionally powerful sun! All this achieved using minimal amounts of concrete only for foundations and using wood skillfully as structural component thoughout this build - many highly intelligent techniques are shared in this excellent installment from the brilliant Kirsten Dunsten.


Very nice. I’d like to move back to Italy some day.

You should share on Blurt too… I can give you much larger upvotes over there. Especially any music … use #blurtmusic

You already have a blog there since Blurt was a Fork from Steemit in May 2020 …

Nice video! Your house is beautiful. I love that it was built with wood and there are a lot of glasses windows, so the sunlight can get inside your house.

The mountain scenery is amazing and it looks very nice atmosphere.

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

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