If You Can’t Change Your Emotions Do THIS Instead!

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Hal Elrod is an extremely successful author, speaker and entrepreneur. After literally dying in a car crash, Hal woke up in a hospital bed and was told by his doctors that he would never walk again. Thanks to intense visualization and affirmations and perhaps some grace, Hal took his first step 3 weeks later. In this episode he talks about the miracle morning, the key personality traits of successful people and how to overcome any trials and tribulations you face in life.

Check out Hal’s book, Miracle Morning here: https://amzn.to/2EyazVg


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Most of us know how it feels to be joyful. Feel chemicals into your blood flow like dopamine spike, and dopamine, oxytocin, dopamine and provide you with a rush of pleasure. That is a state you would like to experience over and over again. But its an elusive sensation. On other days the feeling of elation could have gone. You feel the opposite, sad, anxious, angry and miserable. Happiness seems impossible to maintain. Like many individuals, you might believe that emotions just. They simply happen to us, and we've no power over how we feel. Emotions are complicated, and have been studied for decades.

Their source has been tracked by psychologists, and a few have reasoned that the ideas you have, not your life's conditions, cause an emotion to sort. To put it simply, your thoughts cause your emotions. Control Your Ideas to Control Your Emotions - Your idea that ideas control your emotions has led in psychology which motivates people to change them into ones the moment and to know pessimistic thoughts they're detected. With training, it might be near impossible to keep, although performed. To make matters worse, by controlling your thoughts, controlling your emotions can have an impact that is opposite.

Sadness, you bound to suppress other emotions. So by attempting to control your emotions you might really become more anxious and depressed. Occasionally, individuals who try this practice do succeed. Nevertheless, attempting to control emotions and thoughts eventually becomes too difficult.


Hello Ali,
Great to see you! Thank you so much, your comment is extremely interesting and very true! And I agree we should not surprise our emotions like sadness etc. Rather we need to learn positive ways to relax and positively entrain our mind. Meditation is a classic example of this!

keep well :D

Nothing like dying to give you a good take on life. Teal Swan is a great example ❤️Upvoted and resteemed


Hello Sallybeth,
Haha yes! - so very true :D

Hi icedrum..
he must be great to know.. thanks 👌👍

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Yes indeed - a pleasure :D

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