EARTH & SPACE NEWS - Volcano Lightning, Deep Shift, Record Cold/Snow | S0 News Nov.14.2018

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Today we have incredible video footage of volcanic lightning in Japan - Plus new research has found evidence that the Maldive, the world’s lowest country, formed when sea levels were higher than they are today. The evidence was discovered by researchers who studied the formation of five islands in the southern Maldives. Using a coring technique, they were able to reconstruct how and when the islands formed. This is very encouraging as it shows our Mother Earth may in fact produce more coral reefs as water levels rise.
        Here in Costa Rica we have sunshine with some clouds and a light breeze, 28 Centigrade and 88% humidity. How are conditions in your part of the planet? Comment below, including your location. It is always great to hear the local perspectives from our global community.

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That would be amazing if more coral reefs could be made! Thanks for the info :)

It's been a bit rainy and windy here today in Spain, more expected tomorrow. Should hopefully be clearer by the weekend!

Hi GC,
Lovely to see you! Yes - coral reefs are such important habitat for wildlife - this is very good to hear!
Thank you for the local report. Hope you do get some sunshine very soon :D

Great update thanks @icedrum. that is awesome to hear that new coral reefs can grow as sea levels rise.... some positive news huh? It’s a little overcast with occasional showers and sunny spells here in southern Spain. Resteemed and upvoted.

Hi Sallybeth,
Great to see you! - It is indeed wonderful news! :D

Hello Timewarp,
Thank you so much :D

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@icedrum this is such a awesome detail and pic.

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