What has your life thought you so far ?

in #life3 years ago

“Never blame solely yourself for any misfortune of life, because no single raindrop is responsible for flood”
“When people hurt you, think of them like a sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you but in the end, you end up polished & they end up useless”
“Sharing makes you bigger than you are. The more your pour out, the more life will be able to pour in”
“A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words”
“Life is very weird, first you wanna grow up, then you wanna be kid again”
“When you are going through something hard and wonder where GOD is, remember the teacher is always quiet during a test”
“The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives”
“Nothing is permanent in this world; not even our troubles”
“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better”


Life is happening to everyone at the same time. With this in mind, you'll learn to give excuses for people (who hurt u 🤷🏻‍♂️)

Humility and patience.

Life is really an experiment!

Life thought me that learning new things is life

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