Real Life Reflections 03 || When we give our best, the best comes back to us.

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  • "Today, I’m gonna share bits and pieces of insights from my own life experiences.
    This is my third insight on Real Life Reflections. This insight I learned and realized from my working place."

The world is like a mirror, it reflects to our own actions, the best comes back to us when we do our best. It is the same when we compliment someone and give praise to how good they are, we are giving them a chance to look at our own good qualities as well. The same with respect. When we show them respect, people will respect on us. If we are kind, we’ll find people who are kind to us as well.

Sometimes we overlooked the good side of life instead we dwell on its defects and imperfections. Life is so beautiful to live when we start to appreciate little things that also matters; giving good compliment to workmates, smile more, respect more, laugh more and give more. When we do something positive, we experience something positive in return.

We receive what we give. Let us choose to give our best by being more generous in our praises, compliments, acts of kindness, bits and pieces of love, and good deeds. Surely, the world will become a better place to live with and not a hurting place for us.

Thank you guys for reading my short insights. I tried to be more specific and concise on my message so that it will only deliver the pure message that I intend to share. ^_^

Keep safe and stay positive in Life!!! 👍💖😇

Your Friend,

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Muy buen post @iamwhatiamnot sigue asi todo lo mejor para ti desde kryptonia

muchas gracias @derianalanrojas, lo aprecio Yo te seguí también 😉..! 🕺

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awesome! ✨ 👀 Thank you so much my friend. I really appreciate it! 👍

Best wishes,

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