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I strongly fear that by the time this holiday is over, I'll be endowed with a Pot-Belly of my own😯

Why The Fear?

Well apart from the HUGE amount of food and drinks that my belly has amassed in the last 3 days

...I've frequently found myself in the company of Pot-Bellied men (...and big-tummied women)👀

The (psyche) Effect?

I find that i have become complacent, and as a consequence, have not even bothered to go on with my daily work-out ever since.

It's that thing that happens when you hang out TOO MUCH people you're better than (in this case)BELLYwise.

  • You are Relaxed.
  • You are Comfortable.
  • You eat as they eat.🍜
  • You drink as they drink.🥃
  • You believe you are in control.

And before you know it,




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