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Dark and foggy is the path ahead of me,
My options limited.
My mind wavers,
To go back to the comfort of home,
Or to venture into the road paved by mud and stone.
My heart knows not the dangers ahead,
My heart doesn't care.
It sighs and whispers to me, "You are but a wanderer, comfort is but an illusion.
You are alone, a stranger in your own home;
For home is but a stop for rest."
My mind is curious yet frightened but my heart won't let me turn back.
Comfort, I suppose is for those who seek solace within monotony and security.
Comfort is the luxury you give up in exchange for knowledge and Adventure.
In my dreams, I choose the dark path every time;
For in my dreams I have the courage and strength of a thousand men.
In my dreams, I am enveloped by Adventure.
In reality, I dwell on my choices, hoping for the courage to walk the path unkown to everyone around me.
In reality, I am a timid girl hoping to find reason, to find strength to put my leg forward and walk away from everything I know to be true.
In reality, I wish to be someone else.

Hey guys!
Shot on the one plus 5T!
Hope you like it 🌸
Have a beautiful day ❤️


wow cool

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