make the roof of the house with the leaves of Nipah

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A number of villagers on average use nipah leaves as their roofs. Nipah is usually the body in a humid place and on the edge of the river.di my village very much grow this nipah leaf. The people in the village take a nipah leaf for them sewing and in use as a roof for those living in the countryside


As for how to sew the leaves, by way of nipah leaf folded on a small wood and then sewed with yarn, after that nipah leaf that has been in sewing should be dry with in the drying some days so that the roof of the house becomes strong and not easy to leak


This is a leaf that is already dry and ready to be used for the roof of the house. The benefits for the user of the roof of the palm leaf can be protected from hot air. No need to buy a fan or air conditioner. This is the roof of the house that our ancestors used to use.we can use this and also energy saving. Hopefully you are satisfied with my post this time



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When you want to make a roof the house in your home, you can use Nipah leaves. This is because Nipah leaves are very thick and durable. They can be easily cut and bent to form a roof or other needed building components like pillars. So you can check and manage your house roofs easily. Nipah leaves also have strings on their branches that make them easy to tie together into a strong structure.

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