First Shiitake Harvest

in #life4 years ago

Been unplugged out in the countryside for a few days trying to destress from the rigors of life. Wanted to take a moment and share (via my one bar of cell signal) my excitement over the surprise of finding my first shiitake harvest ready to go

Shiitake and beer. Cheers!



I tried roasting some farmer's market shiitakes and they really do taste like bacon. Now I want to grow some. Is maple a good wood for them? I can get a bunch of it from a neighbor for free.

How exactly do you roast them, any idea?

They should do fine on maple. The key is getting it fresh so it has a high moisture content and isn't already populated with an aggressive native species

Fresh. Gotcha.

I just Googled "roasted shiitake mushrooms" and Martha Stewart's recipe came up. I had previously washed the mushrooms with water, so I had to leave them in longer, but otherwise it worked great.

Inoculated that log almost a year ago lol

Some things take time! Is that on an oak log? How did you keep it wet? Enjoy those shiitakes!

Yeah it's a water oak I believe. Normally it has a spot in the woods. Now that it's fruiting I'll move it to the ground to draw moisture from there

I hope you get a good long fruiting from that log. I think I have figured out that you live in an area where year-round moisture isn't really a challenge!

@haphazard-hstead yeah I live in a subtropical area so it stays pretty humid lol