Sunny Day Sportbike Ride

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I was chided for hiding the speedometer display so here is a similar ride with the speed shown. This ride is actually slower due to the tighter turns and less straight roads. The sock coozie is off the brake reservoir so that can be seen in this video too.

This is not as far out into the desert so more green bushes are seen. We just have fun doing the curves and accelerating out of them. We enjoy the twisty roads and lack of car traffic. There is also a lack of police on these rural roads which allows more spirited riding. We really enjoy flying by all those green bushes. Thanks for watching, coming along and enjoying our ride!


LOL, thanks HB, that ride looks like fun too. I have to say cops don't bother the riders around here too much.

The rides are always fun. The cops seem to be off and on here. A few years ago they stopped sportbikes a lot. Lately it depends on what is happening when they see you. They are supposed to let a sportbike go now and not give chase to start a high speed run. They just call ahead and have another cop stop you. Now if you get spotted just change direction and slink back home slowly to avoid a ticket.

Maybe put a DIY banner over the windshield so no one can discover your location...

That is a great idea Joy. How about a red leather DIYtube jacket to advertise the video site too.

Yee Ha!!!! Wish the roads were that good where I live.

Yeah, we have lots and lots of great roads around here and is why Keanu Reeves was around here riding. It is a motorcycle playground around here for a few hundreds of miles.

A DIY TUBE helmet would be cool

Great idea. Your idea so you wear it. It would make you stand out to be easily seen.

Vroom vroom.

I love the sound of the engines plus a loud exhaust helps to announce you are coming so car drivers look out for you and see you more.

That's the reason, I like my loud pipes. Deer on the edges of the road tend to run back into the woods or away from the highway.

I’m jelly !

Thanks watertower! We get to ride fun roads and NO SHOVELING, BLOWING OR PLOWING.

I love the curves! Wheeeeee!

We do too. Accelerating out of a curve is the most fun.

How many years have you been riding?

I started riding when I was 13 or 14 years old. I had a paper route and threw papers from a motorcycle early mornings before school. I got up at 3am, went to pickup spot, folded papers and packed bags and then threw them. I been riding ever since about 53 years, wow! So I just told my age, yep 67. I am still riding a sportbike until they claw my locked hands from the clip-on bars.

That's a bunch of riding HB! And it's fantastic that you are continuing. Got a dear friend near here rides like crazy and he just turned 70!

We had a local guy sell his Yamaha R1 sportbike cause he was giving up riding at 80 years old. He was starting to have health issues.