Sportbike Shenanigans Stuck Behind Cars

in life •  5 months ago 

Some times you get stuck behind a group of slow moving cars when you would like to zoom. Waiting for a turn-out for your group of bikes to safely pass is the most prudent thing to do. This is when the games begin. At 0:45 in the following video my son started running and Greg turned his bike off, pulled the key out and held it up.

Greg was riding with no hands and playing 'Titanic'. They were coasting downhill and swerving. At 2:45 Greg jumped up on his gas tank. Then a few spanks to get the horse moving. He then touches the centerline which starts a 'Gravity Race' with my son. They both tuck in and hug the gas tank to get out of the air and build up speed. It got quiet too as they were coasting. After a long downhill coast, engines are restarted as the cars are way ahead. Thanks for watching some sportbike games.

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Looks frustrating. Not quite enough visual in order to pass. It would have been nice if they moved right just past the fog line.

Yeah but it is illegal to pass on double yellow. Physically sportbikes can squeeze by but is still not legal. If you have 25 to 50 other riders behind you, it isn't good to make them all sneak by. Some cars do pull to the right to be nice and let you by.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me glad to be an armchair observer.

I notice the first few seconds on video, there is a turn-out space to the right that the cars could have pulled into to let the bikes pass but they did not. The riders are not in a hurry or bothered in any way. They are just enjoying a ride.