Sportbike Ride With A Warning

in life •  last month

This video shows a leisurely ride through sweeping curves at speeds suitable for beginning riders. The female rider in front of my son has a black frenchy bulldog in her front pack on her chest. Her husband also rides a similar bike as hers. Please enjoy the following video of frenchy's ride.

Right at the end of this video, the rider coming from the opposite direction patted the top of his helmet with a flat hand. This means police ahead, slow down. All the riders in our group did so and the little frenchy did not get a ticket. Thanks for watching this video and enjoy your ride!

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A leisurely 2nd gear ride? LOL! I will say when he throttles up it takes off like a rocket.


Those 1000cc (liter) engines have massive power around 160hp or more. With only 700 pounds to move they do take off like a rocket. The bike is 500 pounds with 200 pound rider. That's what makes them fun to ride.

Great curves!


Yeah the slow easy curves are the best for beginner rides. The more experienced riders keep the new ones safe.

Now, that's a ride I would enjoy! As always such cool scenery!


Thanks moistyboo. The curvy rides are relaxing and you would enjoy it.

That's cool how they warn other riders of police ahead.


There is a set of hand signals to communicate with other riders. The po po tap has to be the most important.