Sportbike Ride on Easy Curves

in #life2 years ago

This ride is on a road with easy curves so is more suited to the sport touring bike that Tyson is riding. This allows for higher speeds with less lean in the curves. To me it is smooth elegant and relaxing to watch Tyson ride the curves in the following video.

By not having to lean over so far then your rear end can stay planted on the seat and not have to slide left and right to hang off the bike to get greater lean angles as when riding twisties. The younger riders don't mind 'dragging knee' but I appreciate an easy ride occasionally. Thanks for watching and enjoy your ride!


So no more up-vote power?

I went up 3 just last week... :)

My rented SP ran out and can't afford to renew it. I saw you roll up to 43. Maybe someday I can get some more. 😃

Seen a couple spots that I definitely wouldn't want to go off. Otherwise it was a nice smooth ride.

Some spots have no protection at all. Most of the guardrails will damage a cyclist, stop the bike and the rider will go flying over the rail.

Higher speeds... these youngun's nowadays...

Faster and faster cause the speed just creeps up on you. 😃

You're getting old, Grandad. ;o?

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