Sportbike Ride Longer Helmet View

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This video shows a lot of double yellow car passing as there was a lot of car traffic on this ride. At about 4:00 we passed a group of Harley riders out having their fun. Our pace usually starts out slower but there are many young riders and before too long we are running fast. Tyson is in front of my son on his Honda ST1300 sport touring bike. I really like his black bike. We have been stopped by CHP state highway patrol and just because they ride the same bike as Tyson they let us go with warnings and 'no tickets'. Tyson is a good luck charm. Watch our ride in the following video.

Towards the end of the video that one car slowed our pace so much that we lost the group ahead. When this happens just ride at the fastest pace you are comfortable with and you either catch them or not. If they notice riders missing, sometimes they will stop and wait for stragglers to catch up. Thanks for watching and enjoy your ride!


Harly guys looked like they were standing still... :)

We were just going 40 or 50mph faster so passed them. 😃

I like the perspective of the helmet cam

It is a good view but is not workable if the cops are ticketing for mounting a camera on your helmet. The helmet view shows what the rider sees and looks at. Next best is the chest mount strap but is lower height and doesn't show what you look at. I just want new cams like the Hero 7s have image stabilization to fix any shaking issues.

Louis Rossmann has a few words to say about the GoPro 7 in this video. Hold fire with your wallet.

Thanks Codge. Guess I won't be getting two of those and will keep looking. I was laughing at this review cause this guy pulled no punches and let them have it. The truth hurts ehh, gopro?

Covered a lot of ground, still nerve-wracking when a car comes in the opposite lane.

I don't mind cars coming in the opposite lane because it is their lane. There is enough space for a thin sportbike to go between the opposing cars in either direction so is not so bad to pass a car.

There's always one...

I think there are a lot more than that in the Harley vs Sportbike debate. I think they are two different machines and purposes so appeal to different people. The sportbikes are way faster than Harleys and weigh half as much. Harleys are better in crosswinds and most often comfort. 😃