Sportbike Ride in Fog

in #life2 years ago

This sportbike ride occurs in a rare weather condition that my son chooses to ride in. I have become a fair weather rider that bows out when it is foggy or raining. I don't enjoy the ride if I am getting wet or in danger with the slippery conditions. I have ridden in the rain dozens of times and given the choice would rather stay dry. The following video is through some dense fog.

With the limited visibility you are in danger of running into a stopped vehicle with no protection on a sportbike. To me the risks are not worth the ride in this type of weather. I hope you enjoyed watching this miserable, cold, wet, clamy, freezing, unsafe, wretched, dismal, gloomy, sorry ass excuse of a sportbike ride. 😃


My son does that. I think it is way less safe and you should stay off the bike unless absolutely necessary. He may want experience riding in all kinds of weather so is doing it for that reason.

LOL! I think that's the first time I seen that bike in a high gear

Running in the highest gear for the least torque is the best for slippery wet roads. The rear tire would spin out easily in 2nd or 3rd with not enough traction because it is wet. The awesome power isn't good in the rain.

I thought it was stuck in second gear for the past month...

These bikes can do 100mph in 1st gear. Selecting a gear is about how hard of a pull do you want. You want the least pull with no traction in the rain so highest gear is the best.

Damn! That truck at the beginning came from nowhere!

I think he was pulled over and parked. He could have been trying to wait until the fog went away. He is a real big hazard to surprise someone on the side of the road like that.

Fog is worse than black ice as a killer of motorists.

The village I grew up in is one of the foggiest places in Britain. It's actually known locally as the village in the clouds.

Driving faster than you can see is usually done in fog. I have been to a few places like that in northern California. Tracy, California stays fogged in much of the year. There was a 100+ vehicle crash there once and then a made for tv movie was done. I took my 'brake pad' sister to visit her GF there and the fog is nuts. Tracy is only clear for couple of hours each day and that is the summer time.

Sorry I'll stay home when weather looks that stuff! I also prefer dry WARM conditions!

That is what I do to. I have enough experience riding in the rain so don't need any more.

Is this a video or a Stephen King movie?

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