Sportbike Ride Helmet View

in #life2 years ago

We moved the camera to a helmet mount for a higher up view of our ride. This is the same as the rider sees so is a POV video. Every thing rolls along fine until we hit traffic and have to pass a few trucks. Traffic thins out for awhile and we build up more speed until almost running up a box trucks ass, woah buddy! Here is a helmet view of our ride.

Afterwards at a traffic light, begins a fine game of 'KillSwitch' where all riders try to hit the kill switch to turn off the engines of all bikes around you. Then the guy has to turn KSw back on, shift to neutral, restart engine and put back in gear. If the traffic light changes then that guy gets left behind. A good time was had by all players. Thanks for watching and enjoy your ride!


Good choice of music for this video. Rage against the Machine. Hihaaah.

Thanks smasssh. Not much raging going on as that melts away with all the fun playing. 😊

You guys just be careful! Woke up to find that a dear friend was hit and killed last evening while he was out riding. Truck crossed the center lane hit him head on.

Thanks for the heads up to be careful. I am sorry for your loss of your friend. A biker has no chance against a truck except reacting and swerving out of the way. Sorry for your loss. 😢

Nice ride. Eeeks on the traffic! Cool old truck!

Thanks Misty. I prefer less to no traffic but roads are shared by all. That was a cool old classic chevy truck!


We zoomy zoom almost everyday. Long time, no see, dan. I hope everything is well and ok with you! 😎

Wow. That's quite the view. Scenery looks like Arizona/Nevada

Thank you! We go for the twisty curvy roads and the beautiful scenery is a fringe benefit. 😊

This takes a lot of guts and nerve. Which is why I stick to bicycles...

Bicycles are certainly slower and safer. Yet many bicyclists are hit and injured by cars. Some people have guts and nerve but the rest just no brains cause they never think about what could happen. Those are the guys that say 'hold my beer' and 'watch this'. 😊

I like the helmet cam. Gives a much better perspective

It is like you are there. A riders view is up high above the windshield. Some states have laws against cameras on helmets and will get you a ticket. New laws appeared with so many riders with gopros. 😇

Intense. Not a big fan of the truck passing on a double solid.

That was close cause he did it right when my son was going to pass him. Lucky that he made it and nothing happened. 😊

Balls to the wall!!

Yep, wide open all the way. Yee hawww! Spanking the rear seat with left hand like it is a horse all the way! 😂

From the speed you were going, I'd hazard a guess that this was filmed in Germany? ;o)

That's correct Codge. This was filmed on the crooked autobahn with no speed limit! 😂

Looks like fun but I’ll stick to 4 wheelin.

Thanks fastcat351c. I have been 4 wheelin a few times but wouldn't do it myself. It is expensive and I can't see damaging a machine or vehicle that much. I saw lots of broken axles and stuff. 😊


Thanks Jessie. Wow everyone loves the helmet view. I have seen cameras on a selfie stick mounted on the rear of the bike facing forward high above the rider. 😊

Taking those corners ...OMG...such fun!

Thanks watchfulmomma as it was great fun. This road has awesome steep curves and felt much like a roller coaster riding it. 😳 🏍 😊

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