Sportbike Ride for Tacos

in life •  2 months ago

This video continues the previous one except has more straight sections of road with less leaning into curves. Many of the curves are unviewable due to the glare but the riders have no problems at all. Using a mirrored face shield cuts right through the glare and everything is visible for the riders. Please enjoy the following video of our ride for the prize of scrumptous tacos.

Most of the cars will show courtesy and pull over to let the sportbikes pass. If you get stuck behind a car for too long you will lose the group. It usually takes some speeding to catch up with the group. Thanks for coming along on our food run. Please comment below on what you ride. As always, enjoy the ride.

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Great riding skills! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the compliment and I will tell my son. Thanks for watching.

Really cool, you should use D-Tube to post your Steem videos :)


I did try D-Tube last night and couldn't get any video to play. It seemed like the server was overloaded. I was logged in and everything looked fine but nothing would play. Earlier I got a 15 second clip posted by erm to play choppily. Their video play performance doesn't come close to what youtube offers, IMHO. I will try again, later.


Thanks for the idea. I will go check out D-tube for posting videos. Really I never thought of it before.

Does it run on super capacitors?


It can. I have picked out a supercap module to add to each of our bikes to help the battery. It would be added in parallel with the battery to aid restarts when the engine is hot. A hot start really loads the battery hard and these batteries are pretty small. Most are 10AH so are 1/10th of a car battery. When hot the metal expands and tolerances are very tight. Many people get a 'clunk' when trying to do a 'hot start'. A supercap by itself would not be a good idea and would cause many electrical problems in the future.

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