Sportbike PIP Double Camera Ride

in life •  2 months ago

Ride along with my son who is using two cameras to show his body positioning as well as the view through the front windshield. Traveling through curves requires you to put your bodyweight to the right or left of the bike while leaning into a curve. Accelerating out of a curve makes the bike stand back up straight. The increasing engine power pulls you back up. If you were to cut the power while leaned over, you would drop, fall and slide out with the rear wheel. This is called a 'low side' crash. The fun part of riding curves is getting on the power hard and pulling yourself upright while exiting the curve. Enjoy the following video with 2 cameras.

Sportbike riders 'use the force, luke' to pull out of every leaned over curve. The faster your speed, increases your lean angle into the curve until you are 'dragging knee'. Your knee is touching the asphalt but you are wearing leathers with a knee pad, right? If you want to grind off denim and then your knee wearing Levis you will only do this once and never again. Riding leaned over is what makes sportbikes fun so stay leaned over as much as you can. There is a part two to this video so until next time, enjoy the ride!

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Nice country but I don't like that kind of lean! LOL And I like to putt.


So you just ride slower and stay upright, ie.putting. Is this golf? Riding fast takes much more concentration and is mentally tiring. Putting is relaxing so I like to do that too. Riding with younguns', they always want to go fast.

Nice roads for riding


Yep, we know where all the fun roads are. Freeways may be faster to get there but are nowhere near as much fun.

Leaf blower'd my walks 6 times today


Playing with a high speed blower is fun too. You probably got the solar panels too until they warmed up.

Having too much fun...


We have fun every day. $15 in gas lets you play all day. We were going for tacos here. Tacos makes any day great fun.