Sportbike Burn Out Killing Old Tires

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When you need to change the rear tire and the old tire isn't quite done yet is the perfect opportunity for a burn out. My son was going to the track in a few days and needed a fresh new rear tire. He went to a dead end street to burn out the rest of his rear tire. Our neighbors are thankful he didn't do this in front of my house.

You have to be very careful when doing this away from home. If you go to long and pop the tire creates a problem. My son would just call me to bring the truck to pick him and the bike up. I have picked him up a few times. Most of the time it is other people we help and pick their bikes up when problems happen. We had a stack of 10 rear tires in the garage so my son had about 2 years of tires to use. Enjoy his burn out and the reverse burn out is cool too.


I can just about smell it...

I thought dogs could smell 100,000 better than humans. 😂😂😂

And we can smell a lot better than a phony homesteader who claims to have lost his sense of smell... when it suits him...

Smell that rubber. Oh yea!

I think he could have done a lot more smoke but was way cautious on popping the tire.


He was trying, Jessie! 😂😂😂

Nice burning rubber show. Enough grip on the track to make a head start.

Thanks smasssh! He needed to get a new tire on for a track day at Chuckwalla raceway. He has done many weekends there. He works for them 4 hours one day to cover racing the next day. He is a corner guy or starter guy for them. Really helps with the track fees.

Phew, stinky!

The stink is real. Son did a great job and had fun making this. 😄

Hello HB
Just got home from a work road trip. Too tired to comment right now. I' m getting an 8 hour break then headed back out for another two days of driving on 2 hours sleep.

That is a lot of driving so I hope you get more sleep than 2 hours. Comment when you can to stay safe. Good luck on your road trips. 😄