Here's My Perspective On Pain & Suffering

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Learn How To Suffer

Generally no one is excited to go through the trials of life. We prefer comfort over pain. But uncomfortable and painful testing is what actually fuels our growth. Muscle is grown out of being torn down first. Diamonds face intense pressure in the ground before they become worth anything. The beautiful island of Hawaii was formed out of raging volcanic magma. If you envision yourself on top of the mountain of life it will cost you something. You will suffer. The power lies in learning how to handle it over and over again.

If you can learn to suffer you will find a way to rise from the ashes.

We Ain't Scared

Every negative or painful situation you go through is a teaching moment. I know it sure doesn't feel that way in the moment. You sit there drinking your tears and licking your wounds. But you become initiated. You become fearless. You are much bigger than the problems you face. When I was in a sunken place there was no hope but then I looked up and saw a sliver of light radiating through the clouds. I reached up to pull myself out of the quicksand and a strong hand was there to propel me upwards. I am here now giving you this meal of motivation. It is good for your soul. Tap into the power. Tap into the light. See that you can overcome anything. In fact you can move mountains if you believe you can.

Fear. It's powerless. It's like a mirror. It only shows you your weaknesses. But it has no real power. It only possesses the illusion of power. That's why people fall for it because they believe the illusion that the sky is falling. We humans are bred to fear. We fear market collapses. We fear losing money. We fear death. We even fear Starbucks running out of our favorite latte. There goes those first world problems again. But I digress. We all face fear here and there. But it's how we handle it that counts. Look fear in the face and walk past it.

Ways to deal with or prepare for suffering:

  • Take cold showers
  • Live very frugally 
  • Workout
  • Get outside in nature
  • Go hiking
  • Pray
  • Surround yourself with people who will encourage you
  • Expose your body to cold temperatures
  • Talk to someone
  • Pursue things that interest you

These are just some of the things I could come up with. You may have other things that have helped you deal with hard times. We are all being trained for something as I have been trained for this very moment. Never would I have imagined that the very things that were causing me harm would actually become the things that would propel me as I help others do the same. This is how you become a diamond. You shall bend but not break. You shall suffer but come out shining. You shall live and not die. Shalom

What's things have been hard to deal with lately?

What is one thing that is hard for you to overcome?

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At the end of the day there is a happy ending to my life and I know this and this has to go through immense struggle for that happy cause.


True that. I agree 100%. I believe there is a bigger reason for all this struggle.

Suffering is an essential phase of almost everyone's life and at some stage we suffer very intensely and to be honest those moments gives the real teaching to life and the real understanding the maturity comes through struggle only.

Thank you @humanearl....steem on and stay blissful...


Going through hurts but like I said it is necessary for our growth. Thanks you for always supporting and trying to understand.

Adversity brings the best out of a man and every cloud has a silver lining. Your approach to deal with difficult situations is just amazing. Your motivation power knows no bounds. Your words are really polished refined diamonds.

You are really an inspiring and motivational personality. Like any other blog of yours this one is also filled with energy and positive thoughts which can help a man to steering clear of the storms life poses. The challenges of life can be shrugged away smiling following your kind attitude.

I am thankful for your kind words and motivation.


It's comments like this that inspire me more. This is big time. Thanks for this.

Thank you for enlightening me about fear.My fear are time it keeps running fast.You know there is a time that you want it to be fast and sometimes you want time to slow down.You want to achieve your goal as fast as you can but scared because life keep shorting.But fast and slow is just an illusion,time running same speed but it keeps on going no turning back.I set my mind to consider the negative situation in life as a way of God to strenghten us but scared what if i can't overcome the situation.But God is big anyway,And that is what i stand for.


Faith will stretch you beyond normal limits. Whenever we fear we are not acting in faith. The good thing is that faith can be grown and strengthened.


I agree with that.

This is a thrilling piece for me. Life is not a bed of roses, except of course one is born with a silver spoon, if the spoon never gets lost. lol

We humans are bred to fear. We fear market collapses. We fear losing money. We fear death. We even fear Starbucks running out of our favorite latte.

Fear has robbed us of many things. It robs people of joy, of peace, of relationship, it has robbed many of progress and so many other things. The fear of a challenge is sometimes even what attracts that challenge.
In life, expect the best but prepare for the worse, if it comes.

If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is weak...


True that. It grips you and if you let it, it will control your life. I choose not to let it control me bro.

Super article, I've found that trials are there to make you focus on something and learn an invaluable lesson. The saying "success is failure turned inside out" is 100% true. However, there are two types of people, those who at the slightest difficulty give up and resort to complaining and they get swallowed by their troubles and those who keep pushing and never give up. The 2nd group end up achieving truly great things as the failure serves as a catalyst. How long you remain in the adversity is also dependant on how quickly you learn the needed lesson, shed the baggage that needs to be shed and most importantly the required attitude.


Wow. Good stuff here. Complaining get you nowhere other than being aware of where you are. Once you understand where you are then you can game plan to get out of it. This has taken me a year and a half and I am still recovering.

Those are helpful ways to deal with suffering and i wish to add to the list.
We suffer not because we want to or because we have to but because we are living in this world where suffering cannot be taking away. Situations makes us suffer, people can also make us suffer but one thing is for sure, i have never heard motivational words from a man who gave up. Only the conqueror can tell you how he conquered in order to motivate you.
One way i deal with suffering apart from prayers, is continual process of bringing myself to the understanding that only success stories motivates. And if i have to motivate and inspire someone passing through same thing, i need to conquer first so i can say " Alast, i came out victorious".
Thanks @humanearl

your words are so true


And when you overcome things like that it pushes you even more to inspire others. Great words man!

very valuable post containing the pearls to the handheld carried in this life. ponder and think without waking up is toxic in themselves, crushing hopes that bright. I really enjoy writing and the content of this post. Thank you for your suggestions and advice @humanearl


No problem. I love doing this.

Great job Earl !
This is really something what ur doing.
Man you get it,that is so cool dear brother.
You can't stop now.
This is better than that Starbucks any old time man!
I wish you were a speaker at my church :) the kids would luv you.
Very inspirational .
Keep-on Brothern


Thanks for the love bro.

Nothing good they say comes easy. The mistake many make is thinking that they can get to the too of the ladder with just one step but that's very impossible . Another mistake maklny make is looking for shortcuts to success . Those shortcuts may seem fast but they will surely cut your life short.

The One thing that has been very difficult for me to overcome is that habit I have formed since I was 13 years. It's a habit I am not proud of and want to stop but havnt till now and it's really killing me inside...been asking God to help me and I do know that he will. I believe my God didn't bring me this far to see me get destroyed so I know he will come to my rescue .


He will man. Just trust him and allow him to shape you and help you overcome. It is hard but it is also worth it.

Like you said diamonds are just charcoal that was able to withstand huge amounts of pressure. I can't believe I only found your Steemit today, you have some very very good content which I can definitely relate to.

I also love how you say that our darkest times are usually the times we grow the most, the thing is we usually don't even realize that until it's over. I do agree with that 100%.

Many people always think about what they want to have and how they will get it, but they totally forget about the process. The pain, the shit and the suffering is what we need to learn to enjoy, that's when true growth occurs. Very well written post. :)


It all sounds fun until you have to deal with the process. But the process is where you make progress.

Personally I like your philosophy! The way you think and the way you describe things. Here you described what is fear and how it related to power! Amazing it's something new knowledge! Great work friend! Thank you for sharing this wonderful article with us!



@theguruasia My friend it's good you are here again. Fear will control your life unless you do something about it. I wanted to encourage people to not live in fear.

Depression is a rebirth to another way of life - a peaceful life. Peace.


It's transformative for sure.

When did you start believing in God? and what made you believe? (Don't want a debate just looking to get to know you better)


This question is probably not meant for me but i thought i would share if you dont mind. When i lost both of my parents, i thought my world was over. I cried out to God and i was mad at him. In that moment of pain, he comforted me. I literally felt a warm embrace and instantly, that hole in my heart was filled. The pain i felt was gone. I was just reassured that i will be fine and i have been awesome since then. So...i will say this, if you want to know more about him, talk to Him. I mean....what is the worst that could happen right? Best of luck.


But you believed in god before you yelled out to him in anger, so what made you believe in god before that? (although I am interested in hearing peoples stories I do not want to be preached at so please kindly leave the preaching part out and only tell me your experiences only...if you want)


@ttanarcy Great question and no problem at all. I started to believe when I was around 15. I had heard people talk about God and I was raised in a Christian home.

One night I was supposed to go to school party with some friends. But my parents made me go listen to a speaker that night. I actually sat in the back of the room so I wouldn't have to be involved in anything. I kid you not I was the only guy around my age there. So they guy calls me up to the front. But what he said before I walked up to the front was eerie and that's what made it strange.

He said he had something for a young man. Now keep in mind, I had no idea who this guy was and had never even heard of him. So I creep towards the front of the room and approach not knowing what the heck was going on. This guy looks me in the eye and says God will use me to carry out his plans. He would use me to be an influence and uplift those around me.

I was frozen after that. I had no clue what to do after what I had heard because I was not seeking God like that.

I made a decision to follow Him and I am more convinced of his power and existence now than ever before.
Sorry to be long winded but that story was the catalyst to where I am now. The ridiculously crazy thing is that I am now experiencing on a small scale what that guy told me about. Crazy stuff man.


That's an awesome story! thanks for sharing the details. One thing is for sure, you are a positive influence on those around you. I can see you lifting people up. Have a wonderful day .

Dissapoinments and failures in life is a "bitter" way of teaching us lessons for us to be something great. For us to be a better version of our previous self.

It will knock you down a lot of times, and even want you to just stay there forever.

Mentally, emotionally, and perhaps physically , it will test you.
But the keyword here is the TEST. Yes my lovely steemians and whoever is reading this.
It is a TEST. A test for you to know your full capacity in this world that we are existing now.
So dont apply Fear on this situation from time to time, rather give these moments your full capacity to adhere and overcome these challenges and never give up.

These maybe a bitter lesson given to us by the LIFE itself, but once you have conquered it, it will be the sweetest thing :)


@aceace Strongly agree all the pain and difficultie we experience in life we became the stronger as we continue face the challenges that life brings. The beter version of ourselves as time goes by.


@aceace Wow. Powerful. I love it and I agree all the way. Life is a huge TEST. We must do well in passing it.

in lives choices are always there, there is no way a choice we ever be just one alone. Until we start seeing the worth of value which we carry then what we should be able to attain may just exist in our mind alone.

We do need the self belief, to add meaning to our existence. We are what we make ourself become.
Thank you for this.

And for your recovery process, you have not slacked a bit, your choices of colourful place as this is tantamount, its reminds me that life is once and ought to be lived without fears.

You spread motivate words even when you do need motivation, this is peculiar to the selflessness exhibited by Jesus.
We are all lucky to have such an examplary one as you


Believing that you can accomplish anything is key. It comes from within. God has given me the gift to encourage and motivate others so all glory goes to Him. Thanks alot for your thoughts

@humanearl I agree with your view of suffering, in my opinion it is only here to teach us a lesson. I think The reason why we people get depressed about suffering is because we do not really accept it, we think we don't deserve it or because we only see the pain that is causing us not the lesson and precious gift behind it. Next time if we try to see every bit of suffering as a lesson we will be happier of whatever is happening actually is happening to us. Another thing, if we experience suffering is because we are alive and that is definitely a reason to be thankful for. God Bless Us All.


Whoa. That's a good point you made. "We think we don't deserve it". No one is exempt from suffering and no one is entitled to a great life. It is a gift to be able to live in good health and joy.

In life we have lots of choices, as a student and a mother its difficult for me to balanced and sometimes i'm confused if i will pursue studying or not, having fear is one of the nature of man which is very hard to overcome, i worried and fear sometimes on my situation because i can't say that i'm financially stable at all times,that's the reason behind why i'm troubled but i always stand with the word of God in Isaiah 41:10 which strengthen me and giving me the courage to continue. Meeting you here on steemit was not an accident,you fuel up all the steemians out there, keep on strengthening others and am blessed by you, God bless you more☺️


I know we haven't met by accident. It's a blessing just to be able to communicate and connect with you. Trust that God will provide. He will. You will be ok.


Yes,I put my trust in Him and I know He always move in mysterious ways.

Keep the fire burning bro! You are the Dtube champ! :)

Btw i think its good too change some earnings in other good crypto with high quality team and protocols. Longterm you could make some great profits there. But you need to inform about these crypto projects...dont know how mich you are in to this.


I have to keep it burning at this point. It's inspiring. I've looked into some other cryptos. Have you heard of Loomia.

This is next level stuff.


Havent heard about it jet but whitepaper looks interesting and the team seams legit.
Even i will probably never use this kind of smart wear it could have hreat future potential for sport etc.
I will take a deaper look, thanks for sharing

@humanearl, That's pretty interesting and encouraging post to me. Yep.. definitely must need to learn what about suffer and must face to suffer condition. If not we can't learn many life things and no experience included. Without any problem and pain life can't control to us. Why??? suffer giving opportunity to us how to solve any problems with experience. Our childhood we couldn't take any life decisions. But after become adults we must take decisions. Maybe it was correct also it was against way. Then we can get best solution for any suffers. I know you've most experience about suffer than me. Any sadness things created much suffer.
Finally you updated what's the best ways to prepare for suffering? I agreed all steps as you told here. For me if suffer me I go our religious place in Buddhist temple around my country; ready go jungle safari and hiking some natural places and read positive mind books who's best authors. Nature is best way to control suffer condition. Look......Cool winds how give feelings to us.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Stay Blessed.


Nature is amazing. Just to go and relax is fun. I love hiking too when I get the chance. Where do you like to go hiking?


I like to hiking around National park anywhere.

"there are three things that are extremely hard steel,diamonds,to know oneself."
Thats what Benjamin Franklin says
Yes uncomfortable situations will drag out a man out of also shows your tendency to overcome the difficult situations.which shows your inner mettle out to the world.
Fear I would say it's powerful,powerful enough to make a man out of you.but FoMo makes one all restrain from it.


That's a great quote. Never heard of it but it is very powerful.

Words of a warrior ;)


Indeed. I feel better than ever. Thanks for always checking on me.

This is why I dnt like missing any of your posts because each one of the motivates me..

As regards your questions;

I am really trying hard to be very positive in eveeything.. Because most times negative thoughts eat me up and I dnt want it to affect my future so I put it prayers hoping for answers..

The second one is what Icant say here but I am really trying hard to overcome it.. Its a habit that has been growing with me for over 10 years now and i am not happy about it at all.. Its like im being used but i believe God will come to my rescue in no time..

Thks once again mentor for this encouraging post. @humanearl



We all struggle so I understand. I have mine as well. Be encourage because we will overcome through perseverance. I'm with you bro. It's humbling for you to think of me as a mentor. I'm just sharing my life and all the glory is to God.


Yes bro.. I believe with perseverance, we all will scale through.. And abt the mentor thing, you are more than that to me.

Thanks for always being yourself @humanearl

Any experience that does not kill me, makes me stronger.

I know everything in this existence has to go through process which may not be an easy process but at the end something charming and extraordinary will evolve out.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I believe so too. We must stay the course.

I agree sometimes you have to fight for something. Its also inportand to clean the brain from time to time, because much unimportant things can survive there whithout beeing noticed.


Yes we must de-clutter our minds from time to time. I know exactly what you mean.

complex life situations make a stronger person stronger, and a weaker person is weaker.
Our task is to become strong. As the very famous Russian musician Viktor Tsoy said:

You must be strong, otherwise why should you be

Each of us has our own way and our difficulties. But one can unite us - resilience and reluctance to give up.
At the moment, I expect many difficult events. Their expectations make me weaker. In my head, there are various options for future events and not all of them are good. But I struggle with negative thoughts.
Our thoughts are material - we must be able to focus our thoughts on the positive aspects of any situation. I believe that this is a good way to change any situation in life
Thank you


We all struggle with negative thoughts. The hard part is not acting upon those negative thoughts.


Well said.......

Thanks for giving 10 different ways to use during suffering, Its very useful and i will try these when needed. Thank you.


I thought it was a good amount of thing to list and there's different thing for different people. Thanks for understanding.

Hey my friend, I really appreciate what you've said here. I myself am a chronic pain sufferer. For nearly 20 years I have been dealing with the depression and anxiety that go along with being in pain day after day. So often it feels like I can't live a full life because of my pain and my anxiety. While I do still get frustrated by this, I no longer let it depress me. I've learned that I'm not productive if I let myself stay in that state of mind. I can't make progress if I'm allowing the depression to stay. When I sense it coming on I've got a build myself up like you've talked about. Be as positive as you can. Find positive things to do. One of the best things you can do, is to help others. (Like you're doing) Work with others that are struggling. Give them hope. In doing that, it pulls you out as well. By doing so, you're doing exactly what you were put on this Earth to do.

I also appreciate your courage and openness speaking about God. These days so many people are afraid to talk about God even if they fully believe in God. If it weren't for my belief in God I wouldn't be here today. I understand and respect that some people have not had experiences that have led them to God yet. I have no desire to argue with anyone here about the existence of God. I can testify that there is a God. I could never deny the impact that He has had in my life.


It's amazing that you have experienced who God is. There's much freedom in knowing Him. And know that he is with you through all your struggles and he understands more than anyone else does. I am thankful to use my gifts of encouragement and faith to help others be inspired. I am just a representative of Him and he is the one to get the credit.

I am noticing that as the world comes to an end it is getting more and more difficult to share you faith. Relative truth is at an all time high. But we live in power. Lets represent well my friend. I will be praying for you as well.

Without sounding cliche or corny, but the Spirit is sharing a message bro and we seem to be right in line with our message..I just posted a personal experience that was driven by many fears and yet God met me and changed me in the midst of it......You are doing powerful things I know Ibsay that often but its true....Love your warrior heart!!!


You know it man. There's synergy between us for sure. I love your work too man. Keep pushing that.


Hey bro help me get this one out, it was a hard one, but it needs to be heard....I would appreciate your support on this one...


No prob. I'll check it out.

Love that picture with the diamond.
Hardship on purpose must be applied to improve & to get stronger.

What one gets from that? Material & spiritual riches.

Living like a hedonist will lead to spiritual death and poverty.


Ahh man. I feel like it's been a while since I reached out to you. But I'm with you 100. I think some people feel entitled to a great life. Whatever definition of great they have. But no one is exempt from hardship and it's those who become hardened by it and grow from it that will be the gamechangers.


We are so far away from nature and reality that people are shocked by truths that were obvious to people around 60-80 years ago.

The reason for that is a too comfortable, too easy secure life.

By embracing the "hard" which was normal back then we can easily thrive in the modern world and attain the riches - aka we become the gamechangers.

Really like the message you put forth, important to be able to think about different emotions and occurences as an acitonable path. Keep up the good work!


Action can move things around when it seems like nothing else will give. This is what I had to learn in my situation.

@humanearl - Sir, today as a first time of my life I understood what the meaning of fear...
Fear. It's powerless. It's like a mirror. It only shows you your weaknesses. But it has no real power.
Well said Sir... A valuable article for our lives... Nice you decided to share it Sir...



Fear will control you if you let it.

life is not easy surely but those who stick to it and handle the pressure become something in life just like a diamond does and shine bright later :)


The process of becoming a diamond is the hardest part. But we are more than capable of doing it.

A few buddies and I were talking about this yesterday. (Sorry, I've had this tab open, but haven't had a chance to get to it.) Yeah, it's the tough times in life that scrapes off the stuff we don't need and leaves us lighter. It burns off the junk and leaves us with just what's valuable. It breaks us down so we can live more freely than before, and show other people the way.


I agree. It's the process that's the hardest but it's for the better.

@humanreal..very nice video bro. I follwed your every post from my starting of the steemit carrer.really awesome posts you made..thank you for sharing with us..


Haha. Thanks alot.

Our suffering tempers us from within.
You know this saying - "in a healthy body - a healthy soul"
Our body and our thoughts are strongly connected to each other. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a balance. Any mental anguish can be defeated by time.
Each person has his own problems and his own experiences.
For example, I now have a difficult life-period and I do not have enough time for what I really want, especially when it stems. So I'm not very active here and I do not have support.
But I'm struggling with this.
Thank you for your good advice @humanearl


It sucks to not be able to carry out what you want. The key I believe is to try to make small steps in the direction you want to go. Once you take enough small steps you will gain momentum and hopefully doors will start to open. I wish you all the best bro.

Thank you for sharing @humanearl,
And thank you for helping small fish in steemit


I love helping out.

My dear friend my study have been hard to deal with lately


No worries. Take care of that first.

i saw your video naw really good dear @humanearl thanks for shareing thisScreenshot-2018-2-10 Here's My Perspective On Pain Suffering - DTube(1).png

dear @humanearl
this amazing life story
You are really an inspiring and motivational personality. Like any other blog of yours this one is also filled with energy and positive thoughts which can help a man to steering clear of the storms life poses. The challenges of life can be shrugged away smiling following your kind attitude.


It really hurts when people like you steal others' genuine efforts and get appreciation by self upvoting. You have copied part of my comment and posted it as your own. You are not only hurting yourself but pulling down my leg also.


@kayes12345 Please contribute original thoughts. Others put in alot of time and effort to write comments. Please be considerate of them.

beautifull present & explined dear @humanearl Screenshot-2018-2-10 Here's My Perspective On Pain Suffering - DTube.png

anather beautifull blog i see here really interesting @humanearl thanks for shareing
UPVOTE & Followed

really sir @humaneral i Learn How To Suffer thanks for shareing parsonal topics dear

You spread motivate words even when you do need motivation,this is peculiar to the selflessness exhibited by Jesus. We are all lucky to have such an exemplary one as you....

well i will read this later ... and let see what new you have

very nice ,i live d tube.

nice blog

I see your post. I particularly like the video and how well written it is between photos.thangs for shearing.


excellent post

Very good - yes we have to work out our own salvation- work out a solution. Be encouraged......

Nice post sir just impressive


Your words are so true

Just wonderful post sir


Nice piece

I would just embrace the pain, there is no development without pain. Just have to walk forward and polish your thick skin :)

hello i want 100fallows Pleas help me!

I love your perspective with this issue!I’ve been there and I still have moments when depression knocks on my door but you have to be strong and learn from your experience!Nothing happens without a reason!!

keep speaking the truth bless one love