On the sudden exposure of sex crackpot Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein: Why now?

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Harvey Weinstein

In the last few days, stories about the sex scandal of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein are all over the news. Decades of dirty deeds are now exposed for everyone to see. It seems that the Liberals, many of whom used Weinstein for both acting careers and settlements, almost overnight, come to hate him and want him cast out.

Of course, the actions of Weinstein are appalling and inexcusable. But a question remains: Why now?

In an interview in May 2016 with Vulture, Robert De Niro, another famous actor and producer, disclosed that he cared a lot about vaccines, and he was making a documentary with Harvey Weinstein. I'll quote the relevant passages of the interview below:

Vulture: And I have to ask, you have an autistic child and your own film festival, Tribeca, started out with a controversy over an anti-vaccination documentary you programmed. What do you think you learned from choosing it and then choosing to not show it?

RD: Well, what I learned, first of all, there was a big reaction, which I didn’t see coming, and it was from filmmakers — supposedly, I have yet to find out who it was. I wanted to just know who they were, because to me there was no reason not to see the movie. The movie is not hurting anybody. It says something. It said something to me that was valid. Maybe some things were inaccurate, but if the movie was 20 percent accurate, it was worth seeing. And they were saying it’s because of the filmmaker and he was discredited, but how was he discredited? By the medical establishment?

There’s a lot going on that I still don’t understand, but it makes me question the whole thing, and the whole vaccine issue is a real one. It’s big money. So it did get attention. I was happy about that. And I talked about another movie called Trace Amounts that I saw and spoke about it a lot, that people should see it, and it’s there. Something is there with vaccines, because they’re not tested in some ways the way other medicines are, and they’re just taken for granted and mandated in some states. And people do get sick from it. Not everybody, but certain people are sensitive, like anything, penicillin.

Vulture: Your hope is that eventually people will see the movie?

RD: Yeah, and you always say, you’re not against vaccines, you’re against what they put in vaccines that can hurt certain people who are allergic. It can kill them sometimes. And there’s such an industry. There’s big, big money in vaccines that the CDC will put …

Vulture: And you’d show this movie again, given the opportunity?

RD: No, I’m working on something else. Harvey Weinstein and I are working on doing a documentary, but I don’t what to talk much about it, because when I talk about it, something happens. But that’s what we plan to try to do.

Since then, there's no more information about that documentary. In the mean time, De Niro has joined the anti-Trump choir and safely in the good graces of the liberal elites. But what about Weinstein?

Something triggered the elites to out him, but that trigger remains a mystery. Is it possible that Weinstein was near completion of a vaccine safety documentary? If so, he potentially fell out of the protective graces of elites causing them to oust him. Otherwise, it is difficult to believe that the elites just decided to do the right thing out of the goodness of their hearts.

What do you think?

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Nice find!

@hrock Its very interesting info.. Wonderful post keep it up.

Interesting theory, however I do believe that someone had the balls to so say went public and others joined. Safety in numbers etc

Thanks for the great article! @hrock

I think it's a stretch to say he was outed over a vaccine movie. Good idea though. There must be something

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