Happy Customers of our Small Canteen 💕

in life •  2 years ago 



Dear friend @kenny-crane here is the canteen I have been talking about, We serve breakfast, lunch and in the night time we serve alcohol for adults!

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Wow, the canteen looks Great! It's bigger than I thought it was, and so nicely decorated. So how do you serve those meals every day and night, and still work your job??? It looks like you are making your customers happy so I think your canteen is a big success! :)

Thank you my friend its not that big but atleast it can accomodate up to 15-20 people. We actually hired a cook and a server, in the morning I have my work I just check the store after work or sometimes, I eat there for lunch 😊 Yes I am hoping that it would be a success! Will update you soon...