F**k this S**t! Da Blockchain members, bro!

in #life6 years ago (edited)

Hey, my brothers and sisters, the blockchain is a tight place!

It keeps everything forever! Kudos to commit logs from last night!

@thegreatlife: "...completely in-congruent. Yeah, I'll say a bunch of shit I don't believe if I'm being a jackass. The ..." (src)

@ellemarieisme: "...freaking potato. Don't be like me. Buy the biggest damn grater you can find. Haha!..." (src)

@avantjapan: "...ness "Steemfeed_config [" and bukkake is included, anal (= service in-service) users are searching f..." (src)

@honshu: "...end his life with me. Because I know that when the dick falls and vagina dries, we'll just have it: ..." (src)

@bestosteem: "...Thank you for you support! Say NO to shit comments!..." (src)

@eroticabian: "... on, tied with her hands together, her nearly bare ass in front of me. Her skin turning pink with th..." (src)

@oscarblue04: "...I have to admit that I do have to sieve through shit to find diecent content nowadays...." (src)

@thegoldman9: "...than 100 years ago this can't be that good I say a damn desert eating your people. Researchers at th..." (src)

@cryptoandcoffee: "... very interesting and yes there is a lot of buying shit going on. Most of it as you you don't need a..." (src)

@biffybirdcam: "... End of the Month! Lots of crazy shit going on in the world and here on Steemit! W..." (src)

@ginnyannette: "...troyed a perfectly good butterfly shaped cake. The damn thing broke apart while trying to escape fro..." (src)

@schism206: "...mit @@ -42040,16 +42040,91 @@ g back, +and it's so damn easy to search someone's commenting and upvo..." (src)

@muzi0202: "...I wasted my 10 minutes reading this high profile shit. I thought steem is non discriminative, I do..." (src)

@valorforfreedom: "...t they try to forbid it. They call the police when shit happens, did they ever ask themselves what t..." (src)

@codypanama: "... at their maximum height you kicked some financial ass. 😜 Did you get lucky, or just study the natur..." (src)

@filnette: "...@@ -2927,16 +2927,17 @@ mely ass +i stance a ..." (src)

@simplymike: "...ynncoyle1 :0) Thanks for this (gentle) kick in the ass. It’s about time I stop wining and start beli..." (src)

@kafkanarchy84: "...state plant. LOL. How is this not "isive." Get the fuck right outta town. God.I just LOOK isive...." (src)

@ocrdu: "...orniness, but Band of well-intentioned warriors, damn, that's good...." (src)

@marinauzelac: "... A ;Virgin” that said: “To Quentin. It’s not about dick, it’s about love. ;Madonna..." (src)

@ksenja: "...6 Little girls and little fellows Candlesticks and pussy willows Carried home in string. Little flam..." (src)

@kedin: "...u all of a sudden say the system went from good to shit, and leave it, or would you be glad that the..." (src)

@jackiealley2: "...al and treasonous, they can hate me all they want, bullshit is bullshit no matter how you slice it, ..." (src)

@makeouthill: "...then,* the new world order will start - I behead a motherfucker for his context take the body where ..." (src)

@yungchief: "... is unbelievable. I wasn't expecting this. I am so damn lucky. @thedamus thank you for this opportun..." (src)

@freakglitcha: "...ably step in and disable it, sadly. Would be super damn funny though..." (src)

@resteempower: "...hey fuck you man! If you want to participate make you..." (src)

@bescouted: "...e a good zoom lens so you also need to be a richer motherfucker to afford one. I used to be and had ..." (src)

@lorilikes: "...urvive. That’s proving to be a challenge with this shit fogging up my reputation and I don’t deserve..." (src)

@tradergurl: "...rypto, and haven't fallen for the 'get rich quick' bullshit. Thanks for sharing the vid, a definite ..." (src)

@marysweet: "...Love that ass slapping, and love hearing you enjoy yourself..." (src)

@mikebluehair42: "...dly at night, tolerate, and facilitate this creepy shit behind closed doors. *Out of sight, out of m..." (src)

@cureblindnessorg: "...ck, I dont know! They were off by a few years, but damn. ![Skærmbillede fra 2018-03-23 22-31-54.png]..." (src)

@vgc5000: "...e saying, this is no offense to you. I like you no bullshit style. I did read the entire post. It's ..." (src)

@yongji57: "...nter> I've just got back to Hanoi this evening. So damn tired! 2 days off have gone like they never ..." (src)

@dj123: "...oh shit....talk about trending.....yeah, saw so olde..." (src)

@thewildchiro: "...Motivation is a bitch when you've completely fallen from grace..." (src)

@jenkinrocket: "... you believe in yourself, you can still be a total shit.", I'm not sure what you're implying here. I..." (src)

@teutonium: "...metimes don't have any motivation to move my sorry ass, procrastination is soo good! Every time i st..." (src)

@doughtaker: "...ght now I'm not feeling like a winner at all. That damn Deuces Wild problem looms over my head... Ma..." (src)

@rajaduttablogs: "... totally made in an Indian Style Boy oh boy it was damn tasty ...My girl friend is a chef she really..." (src)

@positivesynergy: "...it all earlier today. I'm getting too old for this shit. Since it seems he will not remove the links..." (src)

@mysticnamuha: "... of them are willing to go within and look at this shit they are believing in to be true. I am feeli..." (src)

@moonunit: "...Phew!!! I was about to lose my shit then I remembered what day it was nice work ..." (src)

@ceattlestretch: "...My big ass mastiff has seen me play sports & roll with p..." (src)



Upvoted!!! I am a Curation-Bot and Front-Run all Bid-Bots used to promote this post.

Me + a bottle of whine + not in the mood to go out or Netflix + 2 hours!

Thinking about it, I spent quite some f**king time on this rather short practical joke :-D

nette Sammlung^^

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