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Today I want to write about the Present World Scenario. The events that are happening around us and the outcomes of these events. I will start from Covid19 and will try to discuss my theory on the effects it will have on the Outburst of Bigger Conflicts between the Nations, Worldwide.

I am writing this post while sitting on my desk which had become my tormenting routine ( I can't bear Routine ). Taking my Dog out for a walk is the only exposure I had in the past couple of months. The friends I used to talk, are all busy with their families.

Every now and then I am listening to media reports with claims on the invention of a Vaccine but I have stopped believing them now. I have realized this that my future lies in the awareness of Hygiene. That is the Bottom line for me. Even after the vaccine is invented, this Corona is here to stay. It is not possible to eliminate it completely in the near future. In class 4, I learned this Idiom that "Prevention is better than Cure" and now is the time to adapt it in Life. The funny part is that now I am going to make friends on the basis of their Hygiene, LOL. I will loose many now :(

I have only one suggestion to make and you already know that. Follow Hygiene and If you love them, Just stay away then! :)


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